Lorraine Kelly on how she can handle her daughter left home

Lorraine Kelly has spilled the beans on how she tries to fill the void after her daughter moved thousands of miles away.

The TV presenter has revealed how much she misses her daughter, Rosie, 23, who currently works and lives in Singapore.

Remember for the first time her daughter left the family home six years ago to go to Edinburgh University, Lorraine said: "I cried all the way home. Although it was the beginning of her great adventure, it was the end of her to rely on my man Steve and I for everything.

"After graduating and then went to work in Singapore (where she has been for more than two years) I have kept her room exactly the same so she feels she's coming home sometime.

"I miss her, but I'm so proud that she had the guts and confidence to travel and work abroad.

"It was so important that we got her to be independent, but it did not make things easier when she flew the estate."

Lorraine is added The sun, "It's hard to let your children go, but you have to let them fly."

Since Rosie's movement, Lorraine and her husband have reduced and moved into a boathouse in Buckinghamshire.

The star admits that she has shared her pain of missing Rosie with celebrity friends and says, "I talked to Dawn French, whose daughter Billy is a little older than Rosie, just about this day.

"We encourage them to be high quality, independent women, but then when they grow up and leave us to become strong, independent women, it's like … oh. OK. It's a wrench."

But a new add-on to the family, around Christmas, has filled up some of the void for the TV celebrities.

In December, they welcomed Angus, their new border center crossing to the family. Since the addition, Lorraine has shared many pictures of the little dog on social media – even Angus introduces her celebrity guests.

The 58-year-old mother knew that Pet Pooch could not replace Rosie, but wanted something more business: "We were living in our new place, but it still felt like something was missing," she said.

"Our last dog Rocky died four years ago, at age 12, and we were heartbreaked. I know that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas but there were many good reasons to get him, including Rosie as come home. "

And even though she lacks Rosie, Angus has reminded her how big it is to be a dog owner again. "Boundaries are good, very characters and very popular. He has been on TV with me and was really good, but although we are all angry with him, he is properly trained and we are responsible."