Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2020

Think of a garden filled with just one type of flower, a sunrise without sunshine, or a horizon suddenly missing its aged spire.

Confession can program the mind to take the most epic things for granted. For Louis Vuitton's Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Lord Artistic Director Virgil Abloh highlights the instinctive, the ordinary and the natural. Flowers, a staple element in fashion, is observed as a naturally occurring metaphor for diversity.
In bloom, they are as beautiful at the micro level as at the macro level.

Flowers are all too often associated with trivial motifs, nature's wonders: multifaceted, free in expression, movement and metamorphosis. They are the growing horticultural crops, an equally common but highly therapeutic activity that reflects natural harmony and peace of mind. In the cityscape, flowers blend into a horizon of unsung heroes: the magnificent buildings, bridges and sidewalks that we get used to and partially blind to. Seen in new light, or wrapped in different packaging, they show up in newly won splendor.

At Place Dauphine, a routine walk over Pont Neuf from the Louis Vuitton studios, the postcard landscape in Paris sets the frame for the show. Everyday café life, walks across the Seine, crepe stands and tree-lined square atmosphere harmonize with the typical idea of ​​boyishness: a bouncy castle, ice cream, balloons and kite flying. The series is surrounded by the remarkable Parisian architecture we could not live without.

During childhood, young men's encounters with clothing and fashion are not yet influenced by community programming.

Our exploration of dress codes is still released by these codes; of social norms, gender conventions and cultural behavior.
As we get older, we intuitively adapt to our surroundings. In a digital age supersaturated with views and visual data, you stop to smell the roses program the mind and create new space for freedom of thought.