"Louis Vuitton Squared" for Fall-Winter 20

Square: the multiplication of a number by itself. The recognition that one idea can coexist with another.

For the season before autumn 2020, Louis Vuitton launches LV2 – "Louis Vuitton square" – a standalone collaboration between men's artistic director Virgil Abloh and Japanese designer Nigo.

The capsule collection includes ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods, shoes and accessories and features dedicated graphics and interpretations of the Louis Vuitton signatures. Through a long-lasting friendship, Virgil Abloh invited the Japanese designer and founder of Human Made to collaborate on a one-off line that blends their individual approach under Louis Vuitton.

Celebrating the house's travel-centric core, LV2 observes the London Mod era dandy through a Tokyo lens. A nod to Human Made, the Japanese brand founded by Nigo, a flight jacket features the graphics & # 39; LV Made & # 39; along with a Mount Fuji graphic.

A cropped Mod suit adapts and enlarges the Louis Vuitton Damier control. The motif is echoed in a double-faced duffel coating with a micro-layer case.

LV2 patchwork is repeated in bags based on classic Louis Vuitton shapes: the tote, the cash register and the money bag, adorned with animal charms familiar to Nigo's world.

Damier control is interpreted in an ankle in suede Damier, a hiking boot in sporty Damier leather, a shear boot in blasted Damier or in denim and a mule in the same motif. Rectangular sunglasses have luggage compartment clips with details when jewelry carries LV2 LOGO.