Lovehoney Big Brand Sale – Lelo We-Vibe Doc Johnson Sale

pictureKatie Buckleitner | Love Honey

If you are a skilled shopper, you know that sex toys do not always contain all the brands. Lelo, Fun Factory and We-Vibe are notoriously difficult to find on sales through other websites.

Happy to you, Lovehoney, however, has one of its biggest sales ever – and it's not just other brands, it's All about other brands. The sale is on until 11 March and you do not need a discount code. The discounts apply at check-out.

So if you want some shopping suggestions, here are our best choices:

20% of the entire Lovehoney Desire Line

Rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Lovehoney Desire

$ 84.99

This rechargeable rabbit is covered with silicone and has eight patterns built-in and 12 adjustable intensity levels.

Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Lovehoney Desire

$ 79.99

If you ever wanted to try a panty-vibe this is the best price to test one out. A remote control allows you to control it while it is molded in the included undies, which are also fully adjustable due to their side band.

15% discount on all happy rabbits

Rabbit 2 G-Spot rechargeable rabbit vibrator

Happy rabbit

$ 79.99

With 433 four and a half star reviews, you know that this rabbit is a great deal. There are two motors, 12 axle functions, three rabbit ear speeds and 15 vibration modes.

Mini-ear rechargeable clitoral vibrator

Happy rabbit

$ 42.49

If you just go into fluttering rabbit functionality but don't want an internal toy with it, this clitoral vibrator is definitely worth checking out. There are 12 speeds and patterns, and it is rechargeable and waterproof.

Stimulating rechargeable rabbit ring

Happy rabbit

$ 42.49

Or if you love rabbit ears but want them on a penis ring this is a good bet. There are also 12 vibrations, including three speeds and nine patterns, and it is rechargeable and waterproof. If you want more help choosing a penis ring, check out our guide below.

Triple Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Happy rabbit

$ 101.99

Looking for a rabbit that can do even more? Get the Triple Curve rabbit. There are anal beads in addition to the classic bunny design, and yes, the beads come with their own separate engine.

25% discount on Lelo Bestsellers

Gigi 2 Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator


$ 139.99

This curved vibrator of Lelo is 100 percent heavier than the original Gigi, so you know you have a tool on the next level in your hands. There are eight individually adjustable vibration patterns, and the toy is waterproof, rechargeable and super quiet.

Soraya Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator


$ 179.99

It is hard not to be impressed by Soraya. A charge lasts up to four hours, and it is designed with stylish curves to feel as luxurious as possible. If you find that fluttery rabbit ears of reg rabbits don't do it for you, the stronger clitoral stimulation of Soraya is worth checking out.

Gender Position Wedge


$ 99.99

Sure, a Liberator sex pillow may seem like a pleasure, but can you ever really put a price on comfortable sex? The Liberator Wedge Pad is designed to give your partner more precise contact with your clitoris during penetrating sex and to reduce the neck strain while giving you oral.

Tango Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator


$ 79.99

Tango is a waterproof, rechargeable ball with a precision tip that holds in contrast to any other ball vibrator you've ever used. Seriously, the vibrations of this puppy are strong, depth, and quiet.

Press the Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


$ 89.99

Not as powerful as Tango, Touch has a shovel tip and is made of soft silicone (while Tango is made of hard plastic), making it perfect for fit between you and a partner during sex.

Triple Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

Doc Johnson

$ 22.49

If you ever wanted to go into the butt-plug area, this set of three plugs is a good investment for beginners. Each has a flared base for easy removal, and the plugs grow gradually as you get used to the feeling.

10% of all Tenga Masturbators

Wavy Textured Male Masturbator


$ 11.69

Tenga eggs are amazing, entry to masturbation sleeves as they are not only cute, they are also relatively inexpensive. The Lovehoney sales price makes them even more difficult to resist. You can use one on a guy partner for the ultimate practical or pop over a troll vibrator for extra feeling during masturbation.

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