Lucy Hale Carly Pearce Land helped a record deal

When country-star star Carly Pearce moved to Nashville, she thought her path to success would be immediate and easy. She was almost Right.

In just 21, Pearce landed a record deal with Sony. That was, let's say, for light. Shortly after, before she got the chance to release some music, her A & R rep was fired. Her producer rang and had to break the bad news.

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"In 30 seconds, the whole world and my whole year have changed," says Pearce. "I do not know that today I cried like I did that day."

Really overnight, Pearce left the demand to be completely ignored. Still, life continues and Pearce has to pay the rent. So she found a job to clean Airbnbs and nabbed a nannying gig. People told Pearce to leave Nashville and move home, but she was determined to do so. After that she offered herself a role as a backup singer to Lucy Hale in a music video.

Knowing no opportunity was too small to pass, Pearce jumped at the chance. It paid off. Hale is blown away by Pearce talent and asks her: "Why do you sing with backup for me? I gave you last night and I do not understand."

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That was enough to motivate Pearce, and soon she went to Los Angeles for three months to tour with Hale. With Hale as a mentor, Pearce regained her self-confidence and knocked out a single independent. It quickly rose to the top ten track list on iTunes, and the record companies started. The rest, as they say, was history.

Through his experience, Pearce always tells people will never lose hope, even if everything seems to be lost.

"Never ever let 'no' dictate who you are. '

Carly Pearce's latest single, "Closer to You" is out now.