Lushs Holiday Campaign Stars' Drag Race & # 39; Queens Kim Chi and Detox

Lush, the company behind such iconic moments as an Ariana Grande "God is a Woman" bath, Oping is his own game this holiday season. The company's holiday campaign, titled "Merry DRAGmas", has three queens from RuPaul s Drag Race: Kim Chi, Detox and Shea Couleé.

The kings are adorned in their most festive vacation the best, complete with bathing bombs and other Lush products that are configured directly in their clothes. Each of the three queens will speak Lush shop windows for a third of the month. If DRAGmas is not enough for you, you can also meet kings of IRL at Lush stores throughout the season. According to a press release, Kim Chi will be on Lush LA on Friday November 9th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 PM; NYC Lushies can meet Detox at Lush Union Square on November 17, Shea Couleé takes over Lush Chicago Madison Avenue on November 30th. Jump to the shops to hang among the queens and the aftertreatment baths for what sounds like one of the best afternoon plans I can imagine.

The first holiday queen is Kim Chi, whose photo shoot comes up in the Lush Shop windows until November 11th. Each of the kings is asked to choose a favorite Lush product, and Kims is Sleepy Shower Gel ($ 9.95). It's sudsy shower girl formulated with oat milk, lavender oil, tonka and ylang ylang, but it's purple, the better to match with her amazing hair.

Next up is Detox, which will hang in Lush windows from November 12 to November 20th. Her product of choice is the festive Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb ($ 5.95), a royal blue and gold soft bath treat.

The month ends with Shea Couleé, which gets the most exciting bathing of all: Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar ($ 5.95). Who says candy canes must end like unopened tree decorations? This bar is good for several scented bubbles (although the scent is lemon and bergamot, not peppermint.)

Go over to a lush near you to see these queens hang in the windows, or mark your calendars to meet them IRL. Yassss, it's Christmas!

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