Make-up sharing: cheap lip balm recommended super moisturizing gelatin lip gel

Makeup sharing: cheap lip balm recommended super moisturizer

I have dry lips, but I can’t get skin. Before applying lipstick, I must first use lip balm to make a lip. I have used lip balm several times. Ideal, once you visit the supermarket, your son has to buy it. The result is really unexpected. It is really super moisturizing. It is not oily or greasy. After painting, it feels like ysl’s sandwich lipstick. It moisturizes and moisturizes after a while. Still moist, apply a thick layer before going to bed, get up in the morning, and the lip color will be light, the lips will be soft, usually like the tasteless lipstick, this smell, not very smellable, can also be accepted, hit Apply lipstick after the bottom, go out and get back to the mouth, the wind is very cold, usually apply the lip glaze out, dry it for a while, the lipstick is dry, the gel is like a film, and it is Mirrored, like ysl’s lip glaze, really good to use

, and not expensive, I suggest you try it!