Makeup beginners look over: big cake face, bubble eyes, how do you solve these makeup points?

All say that you want makeup to be perfect, and repairing capacity is an indispensable part.

Kusu, this is really too difficult for the disabled baby! too! difficult! Now! Clearly want to show a small face, why do I draw the face more ~ ​​come ~ more ~ ​​big ~ said that makeup can be swollen, but after we finished painting, the eyes swollen more powerful.

Big face, bubble eyes, these makeup holes In the end, how to solve? We will help you to come to the experts to answer…

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Makeup beginners look over: big pie face, bubble eyes, these makeup dead holes in the end How to solve

@Linda-Li Dan: If you don’t take photos with your daily maintenance, will you look dirty?

A: In fact, it is not dirty to choose the color and dosage of the professional repair powder and use it in the proper position! Because there are lights and makeup in the shooting, it will be natural, but when you usually repair the capacity, you must carry out the repair under natural light. Otherwise, the makeup repair under warm yellow light will definitely look too heavy and dirty!

I believe that most of my sisters already have at least 5 years of makeup, but do you dare to call yourself a master? Is the face after the completion of the three-dimensional and exquisite? The color of the foundation of the foundation may be enough for you to find a suitable color for your own skin, but you don’t understand the partition. It is the most fatal mistake to directly apply the liquid foundation to the entire face. Are you making it?

Master’s make-up, which is good at using the optical illusion caused by light and shadow to change, so the three-dimensional face and repairing paste, high-light pen is inseparable, even blush Prepare one deep and one light, so that the Face is smaller and more solid after makeup.

Makeup beginners look over: big pie face, bubble eye, how do you solve these makeup holes?

@The face cat loves saury: I think it is strange to look at the shadow on the nose! Very unnatural how to break?

A: When choosing a suitable nasal silhouette, the color you choose first must match the base color of the base makeup. Generally, brownish gray, light brown, earthy red, brown, more natural. The color of the nose shadow should also pay attention to the color of the eye shadow. Pay attention to the connection with the eye shadow. You can’t suddenly have a “breaking sensation”. The nasal side shadow should be dyed from the bottom to the eyebrow and down to the nose. Can cause a feeling of increased length of the nose. Manipulation: Apply dark color to the nasal side, and apply a narrow strip of bright color to the nose to make the nose look longer.

In addition, when pulling the eyebrow, raise the brow slightly Applying the nasal silhouette from the tip of the eyebrow to the nose can also produce the same effect. Big nose: The color is the key to adjusting the size of the nose. Apply a deeper skin tone to the nose, from the base of the nose to the nose, and apply it to the tip of the nose with a brighter color than the complexion. The dark color has a contraction feeling, which can visually give the nose a small effect. Apply a slightly darker skin color from the nose to the nose.

Makeup beginners look over: big pie face, bubble eye, how do you solve these makeup holes?

@: Teacher, ask for the makeup method of bubble eyes [love you] [love you] [love you]

A: Bubbles always make a lot of MM headaches. But if you don’t have a good rest, your eyes will be swollen and covered by makeup. So how can you make eye shadows do your eye makeup? In fact, it is not difficult to hide the bubble eyes.

How does the bubble eye look like the best eye makeup? It is generally recommended to use the earth color shade of the earth color system because it can increase the depth of the eyes. Try to avoid using light-colored eye shadows that have a pearlescent effect. Light-white and white matt is the effect of different colors on white paper and dark yellow paper, no matter what eye makeup needs to be used.

The second step is coffee color eyeshadow, this time is a small amount of coffee color eye shadow, applied to the folds of double eyelids, eye shadow smeared In addition to the wrinkles in the eyes, you should also draw a little back to the end of the eye to make your eyes more stereoscopic. In fact, it is very simple and it is natural!

Makeup beginners look over: big Pie face, bubble eyes, how to solve these makeup points in the end

Gm_ minor repair: teacher, my cheekbones are wide, the mandible is also wide how to make up to face What about thin?

A: There is always a misunderstanding in the sisters of the width of the cheekbones and the width of the jawbone! That is to use the repair capacity to blacken the wide and good position, then I will tell you the big mistake!

In fact, you should avoid your shortcomings. Don’t enlarge it, but move it parallel to the highest position of the cheekbone to find the lowest point and brighten it so that it is in the light and shadow effect. Will play a balanced effect, move the blush forward after the brightening, do not hit the highest position of the humerus, that is, the same lightening position in the brightening position, so that you can create Sweet and cute face can also easily solve the problem of high bones!

There is two ways to make the lower jaw contraction face smaller: the first one is to use the repair powder to gently sweep the lower jaw and then make a lift on the chin. Brightly modify the width of the mandible while lengthening the face! The second is to properly lengthen the eyebrows so that the face will have an inverted triangle!

Makeup beginners look over: big Pie face, bubble eyes, how to solve these makeup holes in the end

Ok, today, I will give you science here!