Mandy Moore Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors In The Best Way

With a leading role in the series This is us, Mandy Moore is probably one of the most spoken actresses on television today. That exposure comes upside down, of course – but as for the inevitable rumors of plastic surgery as celebrities appear, Moore has a strong message to speculators.

Moore says she is well aware that there is talk of "getting a job," but she does not support giving a response. (Although for the story, no celebrity is owed to the public an answer or explanation for the decision to have plastic surgery.) In a conversation with Popsugarthe actress saw rumors that she had plastic surgery with humor and honesty. The big takeaway? She does not give these rumors more attention than she needs.

"I remember seeing a few blog posts saying that I got a nose job," Moore said in the interview. "I was like," It's strange – my nose is quite imperfect. "I have a wrinkled part under my nostril and I remember that I laughed like," I feel I'd have fixed that had a nose job. "I do not know, maybe it was just a weird picture or weird makeup or shadow or something. "

Moore continued to agree that rumors are quite profound in their industry: "People believe that everyone in Hollywood has a nose job or some work, but it's not always true. People will believe what they want and it's good, "she said. "And if you've been working, it will make someone feel better about themselves, then more power to them."

In previous interviews, Moore has discussed becoming more confident when she grew up in Hollywood; Now in her thirties, she says that the only person whose meaning is important to her now is her own. "You give less shit on how the world perceives you," she said in November 2018 Glamor wrapping history. "Now it's more important for me to be self-sufficient. And I'm better at it. It will only come over time."

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