Meghan Markle Highlighter

It is safe to say that there are many reasons that the duchess of Sussex is glowing at the moment.

But since most of us are not married to a prince and toured the sunny southern hemisphere with a royal baby on the road, I focus on one piece of Meghans lifestyle that we can hope to imitate – her beauty routine. There is nothing to not love Meghan's brilliant skin that is in any way flawless but still completely okay, and the amazing thing to dig for their beauty secrets is that they are not secrets. As we know, Meghan was a successful actress before his royal role, which means that unlike most Duchesses there is an entire interview archive out there to break, including a beauty issue in 2016 at where she revealed the only product she did not can live without illuminating her skin and it is …. (trumvirvel)

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

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"I do not bear the reason I'm not filming," Meghan revealed. "So that's what I put on every day after moisturizer makes my skin a foggy glow. It's not sparkly, it's true for its name, enlightening."

Duchess obviously has an excellent taste like the Foundation Primer Radiance, has been featured as one of the 3 best-selling Laura Mercier products globally this year along with other coal brands from the Tinted Moisturizer and Loose Setting Powder brand. It is no surprise that the three mega sellers are all natural base products. This brand is known for its subtle makeup philosophy, which aims to improve what nature gave us instead of covering it in thick layers.

Do you like to emulate Meghan's glow with Laura Mercier's top three? A-List Makeup Artist Mary Greenwell has these tips. "If you're looking for a natural finish, it's a way to have a" perfect "skin to make it more mature. You can achieve the natural appearance with light coverage. A good moisturizer and primer, like the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, is the key to start with. These create a smooth, even surface for perfect make-up while minimizing the appearance of the pores. Laura Mercier Toned Moisturizer (matched exactly the same shade as the neck) with powder on top to achieve a natural polished appearance. Powder is now so finely ground, they just remove the gloss but leave glow. "