Meghan Markle will not open presents on Christmas morning

Now that she is a short-wearing, tiara-bearing member of Queen Elizabeth's inner circle, Meghan Markle must adjust her vacation traditions somewhat. Does she mean she will not open presentations on Christmas Day, as most of the holiday makers do.



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On the royal family's official website, the family presents the open day before afternoon tea: "On Christmas eve, the royal family puts their presents on the desk table and replaces their presents at the theater."

Former King David Darren McGrady confirms that the tradition has its roots in Germany: "The royal is of German descent so that they weave in German traditions to their parties. After afternoon tea they open Christmas gifts, as well as the German tradition."

On the family website, Christmas morning is reserved for the church: "The Queen and other members of The Royal Family attend the morning service on Christmas Day at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham, a country church visited by Queen's Great Grandmother Queen Victoria, dating back to 1500- the number. "

Good to know! Sounds very nice! Here for it!