Meghan Markle's sweet meeting with the fan she called on to stay in school

Long before Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family – she had a fairly active social media presence.

But of course, after being engaged to Prince Harry, the duchess of Sussex was made to turn off their online profiles – to maintain the integrity of their new life.

But yesterday, on her and Harry's second last day on her royal tour in Auckland, Meghan faced face with a fan that she would often talk to online during her time as an actress.

The royal couple just finished a walkabout at the Auckland Viaduct Harbor, when Meghan's jaw was released when she recognized one of her loyal fans in the audience, Hannah Sergel.

Hannah has been a fan of Meghan since the first days of her fame – and in fact, the couple used to announce online before Meghan met her husband.

20-year-old Hannah has revealed how the Duchess of Sussex would often send her messages of encouragement, and even once a sweet video of herself, greetings to her. She also sent supporting messages saying that Hannah would not let go of college after suffering from mental health problems.

In Auckland, the couple had the chance to meet for the first time because Hannah kept up a sign that read "It's Hannah from Instagram". And Meghan was clearly happy to see her. In a delightful video, shared by Hannah on her Twitter account (@bellisariho), the Duchess is quoted, "Oh my God," before rushing over to Hannah to shake her hand and enclose her in a big hug.

Hannah has since told 1 News, "I was friends with her at Instagram before she had to disable her account. We used to have conversations and things there.

"She would say I would do well at the university and encourage me to be myself."

She also gave Meghan a letter that the duchess quickly forwarded to Prince Harry before assuring Hannah that she would read it. Hannah revealed that Meghan said "Thank you for coming in contact" and that "she would read my letter I gave her".

In her Twitter account, Hannah has since reflected on the emotional reunion, written, "you can think that Meghan Markle held me with both hands, so I win for a hug, I'm still in shock."

She continued and said, "The last 36 hours have been crazy! Thank you all for your kind words – they mean the world."

What a sweet story!