Men Rank Winter Date – Men Thoughts On Winter Date

It's easy to fall in the cuffing season-Netflix, Sleep, Sex, Repeat-especially when it's released outside. But it's important to resist the desire to cool inside wearing other days' undies, and instead dare into the cold, icy tundra. We compiled a list of date ideas that can get you and leave the house (yes, for you) and keep the fire between you warm and alive.

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Are you curious that your guy will be in one of these classic winter day activities as much as you? Well then meet four average dudes who have given some insight about how they feel about typical frosty excursions with you by their side.

Our Man Panel:

Derrick K., 24, Recently single, interested in a hook.

Hayden K., 23, Taken, in a three-year relationship.

Alex Z., 28, Single, dating and looking for a relationship.

Keith N., 32, single, dating and open to anything.

Date Idea # 1

Challenge your partner to a board game

Average rating: 3.5



"It's fun if you're in the game, but if it's only a way to send time, it's probably boring and there's not much communication." – Derrick K., Grade: 2

"Probably better for a group date. I would give it a two because becoming competitive can ruin a good time because people get salty to lose. I included!" – Hayden K., Score: 2

"This is the bomb! Probably one of the best ways to see how your significant other reacts in a situation where they are cursed, fighting or losing. It's nice to see how they handle themselves when they win a lot – do they make you difficult by ridding or sit down? "- Alex Z., Rating: 5

"It enables a relaxed environment, but also brings some competitiveness, which is always fun!" – Keith N., Rating: 5

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Date Idea # 2

Go and go skating

Average rating: 2



"More than likely, we both will not be good at skating, so it's fun. We can laugh at each other while we use our hands to help each other skate." – Derrick K., Score: 4

"My girlfriend is much worse on skates than me, making it a wack date more than not." – Hayden K., Grade: 1

"I'm terrible in skating, and if it was not a long-term relationship, I would not make myself weak or vulnerable from the start." – Alex Z., Rating: 1

"I'm terrible in skating, but I'm sure it's okay for a bit of laughter and I do not take too seriously. It would be hard to really talk and get to know someone while skating." – Keith N., Rating: 2

Date Idea # 3

Listen to your local hockey team

Average rating: 3.9



"It's a fun atmosphere and we can enjoy watching the game together while enjoying beer and fried foods." – Derrick K., Grade: 3

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"Its such a fun experience, but the tickets are a bit pricey y. "- Hayden K., Rating: 4.5

"I'm really indifferent to this. There's no team nearby, and I'm not very familiar with hockey. But I'd be willing to go to the game and still be fine." – Alex Z., 3

"There is always action that happens at a game, so there is competitive excitement, plus drinks, which gives a good feeling." – Keith N., Rating: 5

Date Idea # 4

Spend a day on the movies

Average rating: 3



"Not only are you in and hot, but who does not love a movie date with a dump of popcorn, sweets and drinks?" – Derrick K., Grade: 3

"I'm not a big fan of sitting around all day, but it feels good when you've seen all the movies you're aiming to see in a sitting." – Hayden K., Grade: 3

"Movies are the best !!" – Alex Z., Rating: 5

"Several movies are boring and lazy. I'd rather do something active or talk to someone over a drink, no where you have to whisper." – Keith N., Rating: 1

Date Idea # 5

Boil an extravagant meal together

Average rating: 4



"Good idea to work with each other, but it can be difficult on a first date because you both try to impress each other …" – Derrick K., Score: 2

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"It's fun to dance in the kitchen while cooking, and it's fun to cook something new that you have not done before." – Hayden K., Rating: 5

"I love to cook, and I think working together as it helps create a relationship." – Alex Z., Rating: 5

"Cooking with someone over a few glasses of wine is sexy. If the food comes out dirty, just laugh and order pizza." – Keith N., Rating: 4

So there you are, ladies. Call your husband and suggest tickets to the next hockey game or simply request a home-cooked Chicken Parm dinner for two-state.

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