#MeTooIndia: Sajid Khan Responds to IFTDA Notice | Hindi Movie News

Two weeks ago, a prior notification was sent to director Sajid Khan of the Indian Film and Television Directorate Association (IFTDA) after a series of sexual harassment alleged against him by four women.
The filmmaker has now responded to the announcement saying: "I apologize to IFTDA if any embarrassment has been caused by the alleged accusation against me. These claims have not only caused irreparable damage to my career, but more importantly, my mother and sister sad enormously. To begin with, I deny the complaints against me as stated in your message. I kindly request that you do not form a single-sided sentence. I am always pleased to extend some cooperation to my association. "

Thereafter, a meeting between Sajid and the members of the IFTDA Internal Complaint (ICC) is scheduled for tomorrow 1 November. The association has responded to Sajid saying: "We have planned a meeting with the IFTDA ICC on Thursday, November 1 at the IFTDA Office to hear you from the POSH Request (Sexual Harassment Prevention) based on the principle of natural justice and the The alleged victim is given the opportunity before disciplinary action is taken. Therefore, follow the meeting as planned. "

Aschke Pandit, President of IFTDA, told BT: "Four complaints were received by us against Sajid Khan, which the ICC committee thought was serious. Therefore, it was important to hear his side before making any decision." IFTDA and its parent body FWICE ( Federation of Western India Cine Employees) has raised this issue seriously. That said, we will not allow anyone to abuse this law. "The same day, a similar meeting was also planned for Alok Nath. Writer director Vinta Nanda had accused him of sexual harassment.