Michelle Obama reveals that she suffered a miscarriage, IVF talks

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In a new interview with Robin Roberts, Michelle Obama reveals that she suffered a miscarriage when she and Barack Obama tried to have children. By that time she said that she did not realize how many women went through the same thing.

"I felt lost and lonely and I felt like I failed because I did not know how common miscarriage was because we did not talk about them," she said. "We are in our pain and think in some way we are broken."

She wrote in her new book, Suitablethat the fertility process was not easy on the couple. They eventually turned to IVF to take Malia and then Sasha when Michelle was 34 and then 35.

"It turns out that even two committed go-getters with a deep love and a robust work ethic can not themselves become pregnant," she wrote.

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In her conversation with Robin, she stressed that women must be more open and communicative about these issues so that everyone is feeling less alone.

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"I think it's the worst we do against each other like women, do not share the truth about our bodies, how they work and how they do not work."

The full interview between Michelle and Robin flies Sunday evening at 9 pm at ABC. You can buy Michel's book here. buy now

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