Milk Makeup Launches Astrology Tattoo Stamps for Every Zodiac Sign

While all understandably lost it over Melk Makeups seemingly out-of-left-field collaboration with Wu Tang – which by the way has some seriously beautiful lipstick brand silently silenced the adorable astrological versions of the Tattoo Stamp.

"Now available in all twelve zodiac signs, these waterproof, transmission-free, temporary tattoo stamps will help you survive Mercury Retrograde," said the brand's press release on Astrology Tattoo Stamps. For the record, Mercury returns to retrograd on November 16th and lasts until December 6th – but the mark that these stamps will leave on your skin will not be that long. Although ink is transferable, it will easily remove oil-based make-up remover.

Each pen-like applicator is filled with a cruel, paraben-free, speechless, silicone-free, odorless and vegan formula, infused with vitamin E and sunflower oil, so they do not wipe the skin no matter where you decide to stamp. Any ideas for where to show your sign? Under the eyes of your cheekbone, above your knees, inside of your wrist, in the middle of your sternum – the possibilities are quite endless, but unlike true tattoos, these little zodiac signs are not. (Good news for engagement fobian Virgo and Sagitarii, am I right?)

Milk makeup
Milk makeup

"Stamp them where you want a unique look for your character," says Milk Makeup, adding that you can also "pair" them with one of our OG tattoo stamps, "which includes the moon, X, star, heart, peace, smiley-face and yin-yang symbols.

Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps are already available on for $ 12 each, and they start at on November 6th.

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