Mirabelle Facial Sheet Masks – Berries and Rose

Mirabelle Facial Sheet Masks - Berries and Rose

I've never been a good fan of sheet worms before. Although they are less messy, I find them uncomfortable to use and I do not like the fact that they do not treat the neck and the decolletage. They are also quite expensive for just one use. And then I came across these miraculous face masks on my trip to NewU recently. It was a purchase 2 get 1 offer in progress so I chose some.

For now I have only used berries and praise. Coconut is still in my fridge. I like to store my sheet masks in the fridge during the summers so they feel nice cool when laid on their face. And I absolutely love these sheet masks. I find them better than other sheet masks that I used previously including the uber popular SKII facial masks.

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Mirabelle Facial Sheet Masks – Berries and Rose – Product Review

Price: Rs 129 for a mask

My review

Let me start with the miraculous face mask. It smells amazing of real roses and is extremely soothing to the skin. The carrier variant is also nice but it has no special smell attached to it. There is a sheet mask per package and it has extra serum that you can use the next day for an intense night mask effect.

Mirabelle Facial Sheet Masks - Berries and Rose

Mirabell facial masks are a bit tricky to open because they are very wet with the serum dripping down but they fit very well and can cover even larger faces. They also fit men. The leaf mask has a lot of serum and easily takes 20 minutes to dry up in the summers. It takes even longer in the winters.

I like to hold the facial mask for a good 20-30 minutes depending on how dry the sheet gets and then I rub the sheet over the entire neck, decolletage, hands and arms to use up the serum left on it. Mirable face masks have a lot of serum and are extremely hydrated. The next morning I just wash my face with water.

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The results of the sheet mask are glowing and dusty skin. If you store it in the refrigerator, the skin looks very fresh and soft. This makes the pores look smaller and controls the oil production on the skin at least the next day. I really loved using the miracle plates, but yes they are expensive, so I keep it for special occasions or when I feel like pampering myself.

What are your favorite worms?

Have you used mirabulous face masks? Do you like any other brand? What is your favorite? Recommend your favorite brand in the comments.

Until then, Swathy.