Motivation Evolution – Lip Balm

Winter is coming soon, is your lips bid farewell to the water, and the dry skin is up?

motivation theory - lip balm

Goddess Evolution Lip Balm Comes, Save Your Dry Lips!

motivation theory - lip balm

The main function of lip balm is to provide a barrier for the lips to lock in moisture. It basically does not separate petrolatum and wax (so there is some feeling of paste when used, editor’s note), but There are also new formulations that are free of wax.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Rose bud cream has a history of more than 110 years. In 1895, pharmacist George.F.Smith opened a pharmacy in Maryland, USA. The prototype of rose bud cream is an ointment for the treatment of small scratches, burns and chapped skin. Over the past 100 years, this classic rose cream is still selling. It is an artifact that can completely soften the lips.

motivation theory - lip balm


Speaking of the classics, how can you not say the little blue cans! This thing that looks like a cool oil is really cool. Although the company established in 1947 is not comparable to the history of rose bud cream, it is also an old American brand. This brand is mainly used to treat lip problems. It should be rubbed up to four times a day. Don’t use it for a while.

motivation theory - lip balm


The reason for the fire in the country is that the big S is mentioned in the beauty king. There are indeed conscience products, as well as the taste of pear-flavored cranberry, which is very fragrant and has a good daily use.

motivation theory - lip balm


This old Maine brand of American Maine is marked by a “bearded grandfather” and a bee, almost all products are Related to bees, beeswax lip balm is not bad for years, aunt loves to use, how to sell it so many years? In addition to lip balm, his magical comfrey cream is also the enemy of Mentholatum’s mint cream.

motivation theory - lip balm


Espresso from France is the old brand of sensitive muscle cosmeceuticals. The lip balm of his family has the taste of sour plum soup, oh, oh, O ( ∩ _ ∩) O ~ This setting is also quite love. Some people hate someone who loves it and use it to know

motivation theory of evolution


From this stuff, I often find out how easy it is to sell in Sephora. select. His family’s brown sugar exfoliating mask is also a hot item

 Motivation Evolution - Lip Balm article


European tree is a pure French plant brand, known for its natural plant aromatic oil products. The small yellow canned is suitable for use as a lip membrane before going to bed, and wakes up a lot of lip lines. It feels waxy and heavy during the day. Many beauty artists have recommended

motivation evolution

Daily applied skin cream applied to dry lips does not work. Lips need to be moisturized, long-lasting lip balm for a long time, can stay on the surface of the lips and not penetrate the skin care products, this is lip balm.

motivation theory - lip balm

Although it cannot be said that the role of lip balm is omnipotent, its main ingredients are indeed for the special needs of the skin of the lips, which can provide a barrier for the lips to lock in moisture. Come and let your lips shine and moisturize! !