Motorola introduces the new high-speed smartphone – Motoral Razr

The new motorola razr, a development of the original reversible mobile phone that defined a generation, has now officially arrived in the United Arab Emirates. The new motorola razr is the world's first flexible screen smartphone ever made by the clam.

Speaking about the launch, Sharay Shams, General Manager MBG, said at Lenovo: "The new Motorola Razr® means a breakthrough in the mobile industry and disrupts the status quo. It addresses a real consumer pain point – portability. It melts a pocket-sized size of a mobile phone without compromising the large screen experience of a modern smartphone.

On razr's external 2.7-inch interactive Quick View screen, you can connect to important information when you're on the go without ever opening your phone. You can make calls, respond to messages, pay with a push, control your music, take great selfies, use Google Assistant ™ and access custom settings, like turning Bluetooth on or off, Wi-Fi, your Hotspot and more. What's better is that you can seamlessly transition from the external experience to the internal full-screen experience.

Enjoy a brand new and upgraded smartphone experience that you simply can't get anywhere else. Motorola razr is the smartphone that finally gets back the satisfying feeling of hanging up by turning the phone closed!