Mumdane – 10 boring hobbies parenting has committed me

It's a lot I love to be a mom. I love the fun, affection and laughter that our children bring to our home and revive brilliant first adventures through their young eyes.

But there's also a lot of parenthood that's a bit less magical and a little more … bleak. Before I had children, I did a lot of my free time, as well as lots of reading and sleeping. Now, my "free time" consists of five minutes to loosen the dishwasher or sip out for toilet rolls.

While I previously defined a hobby as an interesting activity to suit the tastes of the individual, this opinion has now changed slightly. I have many hobbies (get me!) – but they are probably the strangest and lumberiest hobbies in the world's history.

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Grandchildren stood on the sidewalk

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1. Wipe

A versatile hobby, it means wiping a fun medley of noses, surfaces, bums and spilled drinks in an hour, on a continuous basis.

2nd disturbed sleep

A long-term leisure exercise I simply wake up two to three times a night and make a mix of beggars and swear by the breath while I feel cross-border.

3. Move the heaps of laundry

To cross the training field, I like to move clean piles of laundry, which I planned to sort and wrap, from bed to floor every night and then back the following morning.

4. Forget things

An unpredictable hobby of missing meetings and never thinking about checking the calendar, it also includes asking my husband: "What should I say?" During almost every conversation.

5. Minor damage

This is super easy to get – simply go over toy graves left in random places and kneel sharp Lego pieces when trying to clean up the mess.

6. Trying not to cry

… or lose my sh * t over another rejected dinner and request toast. I enjoy this hobby every time I try to feed my children something new.

7. Speaks loudly

As activities, this is a bit repetitive. It's about screaming, "Share!", "Get it!", "Stop picking your nose!" And the mouse loudly: "I can smell poo-do anyone need a poo?" – at least 24 times each and every day

8. Do not drink hot tea

For this talented fun game I make a cup of tea, get distracted, find it cold, heat it in the microwave and find it nine hours later when I warm up the dinner, I never got to eat the first time because someone was angry about the color of their plate.

9. Form filling

Two-year reviews, parents' evening slips, influenza jabs, school gathering … I never knew there was so much administrator involved in parenting. Good job I love it – not!

10. Cuddling

While there is a lot of competition with my many hobbies, this is far from my favorite. Removing and receiving hugs and kisses from my beautiful, time-consuming, energetic, infinite washing-up children is the best hobby I can have – and I'm happy to keep up with it every day and night!

Have your children given you some new and alternative "hobbies"?