My mom told me the best way to treat my children's colds #ad

I remember when I felt bad as a toddler and my mother would work with her magic. I would stay in my pajamas all day, lie on the couch nibbling on a sandwich with a cool flannel on the forehead and look at cartoon characters. This memory is so alive.

One thing that I learned after becoming a dad is that everyone to some extent blows parenthood. People can give you all the advice in the world, but nobody knows your child better than you. You understand your children's signals more than anyone, but there is real comfort to find in acquaintance along with the assurance of a brand that has existed longer than I have.

I remember when I had a cold, my mother broke my health with some help from Calpol, and all these decades later, it's a brand I trust in my own children. The quality (and some nostalgia) makes it one of the treatments we go when we need.

Our bottle lives in the little closet out of reach of the children, just like it did in my childhood home in the 80's!

Since I was a small child, the product range has evolved. We personally found the saline solution in the nasal spray and the steam plug, we are in our present stage, with our boy and boy girl.

Our youngest has found congestion a little problem and is as young as he is (eight months), the options are limited, but Calpol Saline Nasal Spray is good that a spray in each nostrils provides quite immediate and obvious relief. Even the spray is so much easier to give than the drops that Eli found a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes with a newborn you feel a little helpless, their immune system develops and they are susceptible to coughing and colds, no matter how much you put them in cotton wool.

Calpol Vapor Plug and Nightlight is a winner for our two and a half year old daughter Darcy. The comfort of light is a good feature that she loves. We thought she could complain when we replaced her night light for it, but the lavender and chamomile light gave a healing and calming environment for her to sleep well and get better as soon as possible when she is in the weather with congestion.

It is this innovation along with its legacy that sets the mind of our troubled parents in peace.

Some days we win as parents and others may be overwhelming but I can safely say that I comfort in knowing that there are brands like Calpol at our disposal when we need them to help our children come back to their energetic and fun loving souls.

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CALPOL® Infant suspension can be used in infants from 2 months + weighing more than 4 kg and not too early. Contains paracetamol. For pain and fever. CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray, CALPOL® Saline Nasal Drops & CALPOL® Damper is a non-drug. Always read the label. UK / CA / 18-12382