Nadia Sawalha reveals why she can handle detching for the month

Loose Women's presenter Nadia Sawalha is not one to shy from opening up on sensitive subjects.

Previously, she has talked deeply about her experience of menopause, sex and health problems.

And now, mom-of-two has revealed everything about her upcoming plans to stop waxing a part of her body – for a very special occasion.

She confessed on the show that she will take part in Movember – an annual charity project throughout the month of November, which usually sees men dike rakhyveln to raise money for prostate cancer.

Nadia acknowledged that she had been inspired by her husband, who does not plan to shave her mustache for four weeks – to do the same with her own mustache.

She told her panelists: "Even selfish, Mark does [Movember] and it's really annoying because I hate mustache! I know it's not very generous of me.

"But he's doing well on him, but I've decided to match him, and I'll do it. I'll grow my mustache."

Nadia's revelation was met by shame and applause from the Loose Women audience, who clearly expressed their enthusiasm for such an important cause.

She continued to explain that she is not sure how much her mustache will grow in the next 30 days. Nadia confessed: "I usually pluck it or grow it. When I was younger it was really worth it, it was very lush. I had a passionate mustache!"

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However, Nadia's co-star did not seem so happy with his pretty graphic description, with Andrea McLean grimacing, saying, "You say it's good!"

But Nadia continued: "But it's kind of moved more under my chin now, so we'll just see what we get."

"I really hope Mark looks at this and knows I will match his mustache."

Worldwide, 5.6 million men live with Prostate Cancer, according to Movember UK. To donate to the cause or find out more about Movember, visit their website here.