Nappy switch hacks to make your life so easier

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Since I've been a mother to my love Pollyanna, I've changed a lot of diapers.

During all of these changes I have found little tricks that helped me to make it just a little easier so I share nine diapers that change hacking as I've learned the way with my daughter. Check out my vlog and see my chicks.

If you missed something, here is my list:

1. The first diaper

First is first, we always change their first thing in the morning as soon as she wakes up. I think this helps to avoid a sore bottom.

2. Their ankles

When you change make sure you have a good grip on your little ankles. In this way you will avoid the feet becoming messy and make the change more difficult.

3. Wet wipes

I always have the wipes out, by my side and open with the first one already pulled out. You never know what to expect, so be prepared.

4. Barrier cream

One of the best tips here would be to use a good barrier protection. We use Sudocrem Care & Protect morning and night for the first and last change of the day. If the Pollyanna has a tender bottom, we use it all day. The new Care & Protect formula from Sudocrem is very different from the traditional, it is much easier and comes in a tubular form that makes it easy for single use.

5. Replace carpet

Always take a change of mat when you leave the house, that was what I had not taken into account until I had my baby.

6. Your car start

No matter where you go, you can change plants or if they do, maybe they're not very nice. If you have a car do not forget to use the car start to change.

7. Or use the floor!

When you are out, you are not afraid to use the floor. My little one rolls over and angles a lot, so I try to avoid using the changed services as they are usually high.

8. Distract them

Try to have a toy or something with you to use as a distraction technique when you change. I have found this help with the scrolling, which makes it easier to change and put the diaper back.

9. Barbarity time

Make sure you give your baby a little bum at least once a day. This helps to air the bottom and will really help with diaper rashes and sore bones.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you as much as they have helped us.

Limitation of Liability: This post is sponsored by Sudocrem.

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