New product for itchy, dry scalp

Do you have dry and itchy scalp ?!

I know, I do … My scalp is usually dry within 3 days.

Dry scalp or dandruff is very common. This is how I treat and prevent but here are 3 other natural ways to treat dry scalp.

It's four days before my laundry day. I like my hairstyle, usually a Twist Out, to last at least seven days.

During the washing days, I moisturize my hair and scalp as needed using the LOC method.

This includes using an aqueous moisturizing spray or serum as my liquid and following up with an ACO oil to lock in the moisture. My styling product is my cream.

In this video below I describe my process and give a hairstyle study.

I recently started using Eden BodyWorks Papaya Castor Scalp Massaging Serum. And I think I'm in love!

It is a fantastic moisturizer on the scalp. It has all the best moisturizing ingredients; water, glycerine and aloe vera. And it has nourishing natural oils which of course includes papaya and castor which I am sure you can say by name.

No, I do not get paid to promote or support this product. I used it for the first time in the video below and I really love the scent and how it calms my scalp without making my roots frizzy.

You can read more about it here:

More than 700 women worldwide get results like these with the Healthy Hair Bundle:

  • hair that stays moist for longer than 7 days
  • hair that has grown up again after years of thinning and baldness
  • hair that ended up not having to break.

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Complete list of hair products used to create this hairstyle

Download them here:

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