Nigella Lawson reveals bizarre beauty spots for smooth skin

Nigella Lawson may be one of the most polished and youthful celebrities out there, but the TV chef has shown that she is looking at some rather strange actions regarding her beauty regime.

The 58-year-old admitted to a new Q & A that instead of choosing a flannel or even a brush she uses something more oorthodox to scour her body.

Nigella confessed that she uses washing gloves to exfoliate – explains that she specifically uses them with silicone springs on them to do it.

She told the audience: "I'm sucker buying things. I recently bought some wash gloves with silicone pieces on my palm for scrubbing. I exfoliate with them. I like them."

It may not be what we would use – but it really looks like it works for Nigella!

Gloves often sell for only £ 2-5, which means that if we were brave enough to try them, they would definitely be a more affordable method to keep our skin smooth and smooth.

However, a cosmetic doctor, Vincent Wong, has recommended that the unusual method can actually be harmful to Nigella's body. He told The Sun, "The structure of the glove is quite rough and it can be very harmful to overload the skin. She does the complete opposite to helping her skin."

During a Tablet Mann podcast earlier this year, Nigella also shared an insight into her healthy lifestyle. suggests that she has been taken to cut out alcohol, in an attempt to fight her anxiety.

She acknowledged, "I feel quite anxious and drink can really aggravate that anxiety.

"It will be first with it first but then afterwards, the terrible, tight feeling of anxiety and not feeling right."

However, she was quick to clarify that she had never really been a big drinker, but did not manage to get it done because she grew older. Nigella explained, "I do not mean so much drink, but it does something for me. But maybe it's an age thing. You can not work out."