Noah Centineo debuts a Buzz Cut – Photos

You may have to sit down for this, folks. Noah Centineo, best known for her role in Netflix's hit original, To all the boys I loved before, just buzzed with their beloved curls and sent fans far and wide to a massive frenzy. The 23-year-old actor debuted her new look on her Instagram Story on Tuesday afternoon – not he brought up the fact that he got a haircut, but instead his girlfriend, Alexis Ren, answered who asked where he was in her own IG Story. So unpleasant.

People got a fresh look at Centineo's recently buzzing head in a story where the actor shows up, followed by his cat drinking from the sink. In the clip you can clearly see that Centineo's famous curls have been replaced with a new drone clip, which eventually gave him a completely different aesthetic. The guy essentially went from surfer boy to skater boy overnight.

Some may remember that this is not the first time Centineo spiced up his look. In September, for example, he colored his beard blonde, which no one saw coming. Of course, this is his most dramatic transformation to date.

With permission from Instagram