Offset Crystal Birthday Mask – Offset Hits Club for Birthday After Cardi B Apology

So, Offset seems to have two moods on IG recently: 1) post emotional videos to Cardi B asking for forgiveness, and 2) party. And right now we're going to talk about mood # 2 because it means diamonds.


So this is a photo of Offset at his birthday party, which is clear that he just wrote out hours after his public apology to Cardi B. It was obvious that he would not let himself in the way of his celebration!

Anyway, the offset went all out in head-to-toe crystals, and TMZ he reportedly released $ 11,000 on his worm by Laurel DeWitt.


Of course / Offensive, the offset was peppared with questions about Cardi by reporters, but he seemed to be focused on coming to his party:

Cardi B has not yet responded to her ex, probably because she is busy living her life's drama, hello then!