Old man guarding the bag (folk story)

When the afternoon, Wang Xiaobei was called to the office by the manager. The manager said that the company’s business in France had some problems, and it was necessary to send individuals to go there. He patted Wang Xiaobei’s shoulder and said: “Many people want to go to this errand. The subsidy for going abroad is high. After the matter is finished, you can also play in France for a few days. I have considered that you have been in the company for a few years and have been performing very well. Ok, so give this opportunity to you. Do it well, don’t let me down.”

Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaobei asked nervously: “When is it going?” The manager said: “Tomorrow morning Departure, it’s a weekend after France. On the weekends, you should familiarize yourself with the situation and go to work on Monday. What happened, you have something else?”

Wang Xiaobei said with a bitter face: A good buddy in college was getting married on Sunday, I have to help… or, I am on the same day’s flight, it is Monday in France, and I don’t delay work!” The manager smiled and laughed. He felt that it was not that important for buddies to get married and not to marry. Going to France is a good opportunity, how many people are squinting. The scorn is light and heavy, and Wang Xiaobei should be clear.

The manager disagreed with Wang Xiaobei’s going on Sunday night because he was defeated. Going to France to contact with foreign personnel, sitting on a plane for seven or eight hours, the jet lag is not a joke. Just quit the plane and talk to people about tens of millions of dollars of business, then how?

Wang Xiaobei thought for a moment and said, “That, let this opportunity be given to others.” The manager looked at him and asked, “Are you sure?” Wang Xiaobei nodded and said: “I am sure “

The manager is very curious, what friend is this friend of Wang Xiaobei? “Is the brother who sleeps in the upper bunk married?” the manager asked. Wang Xiaobei shook his head and said, “We also met in the university, but he was a school canteen to cook.”

The manager listened, but could not believe it.

Not only did the manager not believe, even Wang Xiaobei’s girlfriend Lin Xin did not believe it. Lin Xin also works in this company. She heard that Wang Xiaobei rushed over to ask what was going on after he gave up his chance to go to France because his buddy got married. Because she has not heard of any friends to marry so far: “I know all your buddies, the marriage is married, you are the latest to marry, is it a marriage? If you are married, I see you. Still forget, not worth it!”

Wang Xiaobei explained: “Not a college student, is a small party…”

? Still small round! Lin Xin couldn’t think of it, Wang Xiaobei had a friend like Xiaofang. Wang Xiaobei had to explain further: “You have forgotten the small square of the school cafeteria on the 6th window?”

So, Lin Xin finally remembered it – the window No. 6, the skinny High boys. I really didn’t expect that Wang Xiaobei’s friendship with him actually remained until now. Lin Xin said: “Xiaobei, this opportunity to go to France is really important to you. In our company, having a foreign experience will increase the chances of promotion, you really can’t give up this opportunity for such a person. “

My colleagues also understood that Wang Xiaobei met a guy who was cooking in the cafeteria at school. The guy who is cooking is now getting married, Wang Xiaobei is going to attend his wedding. Give up to France… Wang Xiaobei is too stupid!

Everyone persuaded the manager to come out of the office and asked with interest: “Xiaobei, I am very curious, you are a college student, how to become a friend with a meal?” Wang Xiaobei said with a smile: “Manager, you said that ‘the meal is so heavy, it seems that the meal is the same as the meal. The friendship between us has been 10 years. For me, this friendship is full. Precious…”

Everyone listened curiously and wanted to know how proud a child would become a friend with someone who works in the cafeteria.

When you study at a university, it is important to learn knowledge. It is more important to make friends. Friends who are friends in college, these people are very important resources after graduation. There are a variety of friends in the university, students, physics, computer, and even atomic physics. It is not good to engage in atomic bombs, but no matter what they learn, they are college students. Wang Xiaobei did not expect that his first friend who went to college was actually a cook in the cafeteria.

It was just after the start of school, Wang Xiaobei was not very familiar with the students, and because the family conditions were not very good, he was very inferior. Going to the school cafeteria for dinner, he went through all the windows and compared it. He felt that the food on the first floor of the No. 6 window was the most cost-effective, because there was a boy who had a good meal. Tell him “add more food”, he will not turn a blind eye like other masters, but will be very generous to dig a spoonful. Therefore, Wang Xiaobei will use the No. 6 window as his own fixed-point window. Every meal must go there. One to two will be familiar with the boy who is playing rice.

This boy is a small party, the name is Fang Yongjie, but no one calls him a big name, whether it is the boss of the contract window No. 6 or the handyman who wiped the table in the dining hall, everyone called him Xiaofang.

Small party is not old enough, still less than 18 years old. After graduating from junior high school, I came out to work, transferred to several cities, worked in a shoe factory, worked in a garment factory, and also worked as a security guard. Later I realized that there is no way out for working. It is the most important thing to learn a technique, so he spends money. After a two-month class at a chef training class, it became a cook – the most endless cook.

This cooking technique is general. In the university canteen, both the food and the food are sold. When you are busy, you have to help the dish to wash the dishes. Wang Xiaobei ate at the 6th window, and later found out the law. Every day, he came to the cafeteria at the end of the meal, so that there were a lot of leftovers and the same money. The canteen was empty, and Xiaofang also sat in front of the TV to watch the ball, and discussed with Wang Xiaobei about Real Madrid, Bayern and the like, and the two gradually became familiar with it.

This day, Wang Xiaobei organized a football match in the class, but the striker suddenly became ill. Everyone was anxious to find someone. Wang Xiaobei recommended Xiaofang. Everyone didn’t care about a cook to play football. Wang Xiaobei went to the cafeteria to invite Xiaofang all the way. Xiaofang had a flattering expression: “Please me? Really?” Wang Xiaobei said with a smile: “Of course it is true.” The buddy can still lie to you?” This “buddy”, surprised Xiaofang.

The technique of playing the ball is very general, but his hard work is very good. He runs like a chicken on the court. After a while, the striker has a guard for a while, and one person uses it for the first time. Wang Xiaobei’s team won a big victory. A football kicked down, tired and hungry, Wang Xiaobei said to Xiaofang: “Go, brother, buddy, please eat, thank you for your rescue.”

Wang Xiaobei asked Xiaofang to go It is still a cafeteria, but it is on the third floor, where there is a seat, there are more expensive speculation. Xiaofang criticized: “Actually, I will fire two dishes. Although I am not good at craftsmanship, but save money, I know that you are not well-off…” Wang Xiaobei said with a smile: “I am a poor student. But please ask the buddy to have some money to eat.”

Let the tired and hungry little party go to the cooking, Wang Xiaobei feels inappropriate. Although Xiaofang is a cook, he has no status, but he still took out the grades of high school students to invite Xiaofang.

A bottle of less expensive white wine was finished by the two of them talking and chatting. But they didn’t drink enough. After drinking, the two started a drunkenness. Xiaofang screamed at Wang Xiaobei’s shoulder and said: “Brother, you don’t want to abandon your brother, brother thank you…” Wang Xiaobei smiled bitterly: “Now this society, who dares to dislike it. Xiaofang, you cook I feel very good, I won’t cook, your hot and sour potato, it’s really good…”endprint

A wine, let the two become good buddies. After a free time, Wang Xiaobei invited Xiaofang to play together. Xiaofang wants to buy a laptop, but he doesn’t know the computer. He is afraid of being raped. Wang Xiaobei sacrifices the weekend time and joins Xiaofang in the computer city to choose a computer…

When everyone listens, It is really rare to think that two people can become friends in the university. However, how can such friendship last for 10 years?

Lin Xin did not eat at the 6th window when she was in college. She knew that Xiaofang was indeed a bold boy, and he was a little embarrassed. When girls were cooking, he would pick some lean meat. they. Her impression of Xiaofang is good. However, Wang Xiaobei gave up to France for the wedding of Xiaofang, and she still felt that it was not worth it. Colleagues think the same way as her. The manager smiled and said: “I guess, Wang Xiaobei and Xiaofang must have an unusual story.” Some people’s expressions are warm, not…

Wang Xiaobei smiled and waved: “You These people, I really think too much, we are not homosexual. However, I do have an unusual story with Xiaofang. Since I became a friend with Xiaofang, I ate at the 6th window, and each meal was only small. Receive 5 cents. For the 5 yuan package, the small party only charges 5 cents.”

Lin Xin said with amazement: “He used his position to make some benefits for his brother. This is not normal. “What do you like to move…” Wang Xiaobei asked: “Is the boss of the 6th window a blind man or a fool? Xiaofang is working for a job. He has the right to sell 5 yuan for 5 yuan. “”

Yes, the boss can tolerate him to have more food, but he will not tolerate his interests in loyalty to his buddy. The reason why Xiaofang was able to accept 4 cents for 4 years was because he himself subsidized the difference. But in front of Wang Xiaobei, Xiaofang always boasted how important he was to the boss. How the boss moved to him – meaning nothing more than comforting him: buddy, there is no problem in receiving you 5 cents.

Wang Xiaobei didn’t understand these people’s feelings at the time. I believe that Xiaofang really mixed up in front of the boss, so he ate a four-year, five-dollar package. But after work, he understood the original reason, and later went back to his alma mater. The boss of the 6th window was still there. When he chatted with him, the boss confirmed the small square to make up the difference.

When everyone listened, they were shocked. The manager couldn’t help but clap and say: “Small party is indeed enough friends. Such a friend is married. If it is me, I must go.” Lin Xin is still not willing. “When things have been going on for a few years, this opportunity is so rare – or else, I will attend your wedding for you, which will fulfill your friendship and not delay your work.”

Wang Xiaobei still shakes his head, he also talked about the future of Xiaofang. Later, Xiaofang did not do it at school and started to do express delivery. Four years ago, Wang Xiaobei reunited with the little party on the street, and both were very excited. Xiaofang invited Wang Xiaobei to eat, and saw Wang Xiaobei’s face full of sadness, he asked him what happened. At that time, Wang Xiaobei had decided to marry Lin Xin, but the down payment for buying a house had not been enough, and there was no money at home. Wang Xiaobei was in a hurry… Xiao Fangyi listened and said: “Hey, not 50,000 yuan. Money, just I have it!” That night, Xiaofang sent the bank card to Wang Xiaobei, and then continued to deliver on an electric car. 50,000 yuan, he earned hard work, but he did not even let Wang Xiaobei play the loan, the money does not seem to be much now, but every penny is a heavy trust and friendship……

Lin Xin is gone, everyone is jealous. The manager patted Wang Xiaobei’s shoulder and said, “I will talk to the French side again and adjust the day. In addition, I will go with you to the wedding of Xiaofang on Sunday. I want to see this person who has never met. But let me admire the young people…”

Small party is doing a good job now, from sending a courier to opening a courier station, it is also a small boss. In the gap between the weddings, Wang Xiaobei introduced the manager to Xiaofang. The manager holds the hand of the small party and even says that he can do it. From a last-rate chef to a house with a car and a career, a man with a big heart can do this.

Someone is embarrassed to say: “I have a room, a mortgage, a car, a car loan, and the car is used to send the courier; this business, a small store, but compared with before I was really much stronger. The reason why I made the difference for Wang Xiaobei was that I felt that the brothers were tight, I should help, and more importantly, I was actually selfish…”

Wang Xiaobei and the manager are all stunned.

Small party is a chef at the 6th window, his salary is not high, and he has to do a lot of dirty work, but he is still willing to do it here, instead of going to a higher-income restaurant, it is because He likes this place in college. Because of family economic reasons, he came out to work after he graduated from junior high school. After working for a few years, he became more and more aware of the importance of knowledge, and his desire for knowledge was very strong. Therefore, he would rather be tired and more willing to do things in college.

After knowing Wang Xiaobei, he followed Wang Xiaobei on many classes. Wang Xiaobei has been in college for 4 years. In fact, Xiaofang is equal to 4 years. In particular, Xiaofang is grateful that Wang Xiaobei loaned his borrowing card in the library to him. In four years, he borrowed more than 200 books from the library.

Small party said with a smile: “The university has a tuition fee of more than 6,000 yuan per year. I followed Xiaobei and saved more than 20,000 yuan in tuition fees. I used a few dollars to express my feelings. Is this awkward?” Wang Xiaobei The manager suddenly realized. I think about it. When I first met Xiaofang, he didn’t even turn on the computer. Later, when Wang Xiaobei graduated, Xiaofang was already a computer master. Of course, it was relative to the average person.

While Xiaofang’s “selfishness”, Wang Xiaobei is still very moved, because with a small party to listen to the class, there is no need to pay for anything. Xiaofang still shook his head and said: “Someone is not the same as no one. No one brings me, I will be bombarded, my face is thicker, and I will give up listening to it several times. With your leadership, I I listened to a lot of professor’s classes, read a lot of books, and finally I decided to leave the school to do express delivery, huh, huh…”

The manager patted Xiaofang’s shoulder and said:

“You worked so hard, so I borrowed so much money from Xiaobei to buy a house. This friendship is unusual.” Xiaofang said something amazing: “I still have selfishness in borrowing money.”

Ah? The manager and Wang Xiaobei stunned again: the borrowed money is real money, can this be related to “selfishness”? Xiaofang said with a smile: “I am here, Wang Xiaobei, a buddy, let the buddies live in the house, how happy I am, haha!”

The manager smiled and Wang Xiaobei’s eyes It is moist. At this time, the bride came over and said that she always wanted to thank Wang Xiaobei, but there was no chance.

“Thank you?” Wang Xiaobei stunned. The bride said: “Small party has done more than two years of express delivery, I want to make a courier store, I oppose it, because I am afraid that he is screwed up. But he said that this matter Xiaobei special support, if it is not because of buying a house, Xiaobei Even if I want to partner with him… I heard that Wang Xiaobei just bought a house after working for more than two years. Such a powerful person supports my husband. What am I afraid of?” She laughed. It seems that she did not know that Xiaofang had borrowed money from Wang Xiaobei until now. It is not difficult to imagine that Xiaofang had repeatedly yelled at the buddy Wang Xiaobei in front of her.

From the hotel, the manager sighed and said: “If this is also a ‘selfishness, then, I will be moved by Xiaofang’s selfishness. 10 years brother, rare!”