On shelf volume 2 – Facial serum and oils

facial oils, indulgeo rose oil, the usual squalene oil, kiehl midnight recovery concentrate

Hello everyone! I am a big hoarder of facial serum and oils and I usually have a lot of them in my wardrobe at any time. Interestingly, I ordered for Biotique ageless serum while I'm writing this post. Well, old habits die hard and if you find something interesting and cheap to be raved about, how can you skip it? So, let me break down the products in the face serum and oils.

face Oils

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Bought a long time back and I have not managed to reach half of the bottle. You only need a little and you're good to go. The oil is very light in texture and sometimes not enough to fight dryness. Overall, I do not have much to say about it except that it smells good thanks to the lavender oil.

The usual 100% plant-generated quality

I have used it a couple of times but honestly I'm not very impressed. I'm not sure if I know how to use the product correctly yet but it makes my skin too fat. Anyway, this is a product that is still under trial, so reviews will not yet come.

Indulgeo Rose Gold Oil

One of my incidents is that I used to use, but I have to use it regularly to say a word about it. At the moment I like it as it makes my face glow.

facial oils, indulgeo rosé oil, the usual squalene oil, kiehl midnight reconstitution concentrate, camellia oil, macadamia nut oil

Camellia Oil

I got this from Moksha's lifestyle that is my go to the place for essential oils. This oil is light and perfect for dry skin. It makes my skin silk in fact. I would definitely suggest you try it out.

Macademia Nut Oil

Well, I ordered this along with Camella oil from Moksha's lifestyle. And this was supposed to be for my hair as well. So, I've used it on my face and hair both. And I love how it combates dryness in Delhi winters. It protects the skin from cracking and keeps it smooth and glowing. Definitely have to try again!

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Face Serums

face serum, the usual marine hyaluronics, estee lauder advanced night repair

The usual marine hyaluronics (Reviewed here)

Not much of a fan! But experiencing a product of this kind claims the importance of hydration in the skin care routine. Each serum of hyaluronic acid is a must.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (Reviewed here)

My absolute favorite that works for all types of skin types and ages, and keeps the skin fresh and glowing. Definitely would recommend you to try it out.

kiehl's vitamin c, the common vitamin C serum, facial serum

Kiehl's powerful strength reduction concentrate (Reviewed here)

The first C-serum I've tried that did not impress me enough, but brings the beauty of using vitamin C as a supplement to sunscreen.

The usual Ascorbyl glucoside solution 12%

I have not yet started using the product. This is one of my regular products I received in June and I'm really looking forward to trying it. Fingers crossed!

Oh! And this list seems incomplete to me because I have skipped some moisturizers on my shelf. I would probably take half of next year to finish them all without adding anything to the stash. And, I forgot to include Arya Vaidya Sala kumkumadi oil in the list above. Using and reviewing so many products at the same time is impossible so at present I'm just enjoying using them all at the same or different times.

Let me know if you want to know more about any specific product and may be that I could do a careful review after using it only carefully. Until then, Ciao!