Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone

I got this Organic Riot dazzling serum along with their spotlight cream. If you've been following the releases on my blog, you'd know how I never like any moisturizer ever and I'm always on the hunt for a new one before I even quit the old one. Please share if you have a good recommendation for a moisturizer. Surprisingly, this time around I have a couple of very cheap recommendations regarding moisturizing cream for dry skin.

However, once you get back to the product at hand, it is once again a completely organic moisturizer that claims to control your hyperpigmentation. Another thing that is interesting about the brand is that their packaging is made from recycled paper. Isn't that impressive? Before going into details, organic riot blending serum is another winner and I am definitely interested in other products they come up with.

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone

Price: SEK 1,490 for 50 ml
Availability: Online site

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum Ingredients

It is interesting to note that it has kiwi seeds, avocado and jojoba oils along with smaller amounts of raspberry seeds and tomato seed oil. I would love to get a blend of facial oil with these ingredients instead of a cream.

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone, an organic riot that blends serum ingredients

My Review – Organic Riot Dazzle Serum

Again the same aesthetic. Organic Riot blends serum comes in a pump tube that only delivers some of the product. So no product waste there. Contrary to expectations of a liquid, it is a cream serum which disappointed me a bit. I like my serum as liquid or oils. The structure of the serum is light and creamy and spreads easily. You just need a pump for both face and neck. It may happen that you can settle for less even depending on skin condition and climate.

I found the organic upsets dazzling serum tubes perfectly easy to use and to travel with or carry around. I keep it in the refrigerator as well as in my experience with the headlight cream but this will not be liquid-y. However, cooling only makes it sufficient to be pumped out and it feels good to apply the cold product in hot weather.

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone

Have you ever observed that cold products usually give a very fine and even finish on the skin and also give a matte surface?

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum claims to give evenly toned skin and take care of your hyperpigmentation. I have been using this serum exclusively for almost a month now. It gives a lot smooth and dewy finish, leaving your skin glowing and pink even if you do not use this diligently. It must definitely be followed up with a moisturizer for mature skin or dry skin, but the brand also suggests the same.

The product is light on the skin and does not clog pores. I did not face any problem with blackheads when using this. It was no dry skin patches either though I would not use a follow up cream. When it comes to hyperpigmentation, I'm not sure I've noticed any difference. My big core is my darker forehead but I don't think the serum has removed the tanning on it or reduced the discoloration but I really can't be sure.

Organic Riot Dazzle Serum for even skin tone

One issue I noticed with organic rash is blending serum is that makes me sweat after applying it for almost 15-20 minutes before being dropped. I think it is also because of the climate and it should not respond in similar ways during colder months. But yes, it is a hassle, especially if you plan to put on makeup, sunscreen or even moisturizer. Sitting in an air-conditioned place helps to sweat.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this product. It is expensive but it will last for more than a month so if it fits your budget I would definitely encourage you to give it a try. In my opinion, that is a good moisturizer which you can put on any other treatment serum or combine with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum. I like to use it even at night and it has been good for my skin thanks to its exotic ingredients.

Having trouble finding the perfect humidifier?

What is your favorite moisturizer? Want to put it in stock with other products? Would you like to use treatment serum like vitamin C or hyaluronic acid or retinoids, for example? I really like vitamin C serum because they help control the oil on the skin. Tell us how to control the oil on your skin and make your skin look dull and dewy?

Until then, Swati.