Our most amazing palette ever!

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

I can't tell you how AMAZING I am to show you this palette! This has to be our most amazing eye shadow palette so far and my all-time fave! Our new, out of this world Mercury Retrograde palette was inspired by the amazing teal, purple and pink colors of Crystal AB, which I have literally been obsessed with since I was a kid. The colors are so beautiful and blend perfectly with four fantastic structures, from the most buttery carpets and a popping glitter to high-gloss metals and our super unique multi-reflective shadows.

I love that you can create endless makeup looks with this palette, whether you want to be bold and playful or beautiful and low. I am so happy that this vision is finally ready to share with you.


Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde

My team and I worked so hard to make these formulas perfect! We reformulated the rare pigments and textures over and over until we were able to get maximum creaminess and even color distribution to make them easy to apply and really popped on our eyes.

9 Buttery Mattes:

Shades: Utopia, Off Balance, Vortex, Hot Mess, Libra, Crash, Karma, Momentum, Haze

These butter-like matte formulas feel intensely supple and provide extremely color pay with super rich pigments. The ultra-thin, smooth formula slides evenly and easily adheres to the skin thanks to a water-repellent combination of unique ingredients.Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde

6 high gloss creamy metallics:

Shades: Cosmic, Galaxy, Supernova, Ultraviolet, Mercury, Frazzled

These high impact metallic materials are saturated with beads to give crazy, otherworldly reflections while the creamy structure allows the formula to easily adhere to the skin.

1 glitter powder:

Shadow: Nebula

This stunning glass powder is infused with galactic silver tint for galactic light reflection! The gel-like structure helps it adhere to the skin without falling.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde

2 Sheer Multi-Reflective Shadows:

Shades: Supermoon, Gold Glitch

A glittering mosaic of chromatic beads that blends into the application to create a stunning multidimensional glow.

The inspiration:

I really wanted the colors and textures of this palette to feel as out of this world and as ethereal as inspiration to the palette. Crystal AB actually stands for Aurora Borealis, which is another name for the crazy Northern Lights display and the reason why the crystals got their name, since the prismatic colors of Crystal AB look just like the famous colorful night sky. Everything from the glittering pink and purple and unique teal colors like Crystal AB and Aurora Borealis are synonymous with reflected in our multidimensional palette.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette

Making Mercury Retrograde

True story: It turned out that we made our palette during Mercury's retrograde (usually a chaotic era) and as soon as we realized, we knew that there was no better name for the space-inspired palette. So even though the period during Mercury retrograde may feel crazy (find out why here), this palette is the perfect way to express yourself and let your creativity and self-expression revolt.

Mercury Retrograde Limited edition Brush SetHuda Beauty Mercury Retrograde

I'm also super excited to launch the most divine brush kit along with our Mercury Retrograde palette. We really wanted you to have everything you needed to create the most amazing look with this palette, so we designed three double-ended acrylic brushes that have a holographic makeup bag.

Pack & Blend Brush: Perfect for intense color application! The cool end is ideal for softening and mixing colors.

Fender Blender Brush: Ideal for applying shimmer, metal, glitter and cream shade. The foamy end makes the shimmers really pop.

Contour & Mix Brush: Contour your eyes for extra intensity with this different brush.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde brushes

The brushes are made from super-sick synthetic fibers that easily absorb pigments and blend and diffuse the color flawlessly. The collection also includes our fantastic Fender Blender, which is the dream of applying shimmer and metal that really pops on the eye while the defined tip makes it easier to get into the corner and precision.

How to apply Mercury Retrograde:

1st Start by building your base with matte shadows.
2nd Pick up the metal screens with a dense, fluffy brush and apply the covers in small circular motions to a metallic finish.
3rd Build an extra layer with your fingers or a sponge brush for an extreme foil effect.
4th Add some pop with the glitter powder or fill your look with the reflective shadows for a pearl glow.

I can't wait for you all to get hold of this palette and see all the amazing looks you create.

Mercury Retrograde, $ 67 (USD) will be launched exclusively on ShopHudaBeauty.com on October 24 (12 noon GST) and in-store and online with retailers on October 31.

Shop Mercury Retrograde (£ 58 / € 67/278 AED / $ 108 AUD / 5.525 INR / 21.90 KWD) online and in store at Sephora, Sephora at JC Penney, Harrods, Selfridges, Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Cultbeauty.co.uk, Naimies Beauty Center, Harvey Nichols, FeelUnique, The Beauty Editor, Net-A-Porter, Boutiqatt, Alshaya, Harvey Nichols (KSA), Debenhams (KSA), Yan & One and NYKAA.