Owlet announces its latest innovation: The Owlet Band, a Prenatal Wellness Product

Owlet wants to continue helping you to be safe, but now during pregnancy. By announcing their latest innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Owlet Band will help mothers track their children's well-being in utero by wearing a comfortable band that surrounds the abdomen. This first-class consumable product that connects pregnant mothers to their children allows them to track their own sleep position, hear their children's heart rate, automatically count their baby's kicks, notify them of contractions, and have a health issue with family and friends.

Kurt Workman, CEO of Owlet Baby Care, is pleased to launch the product to consumers at the end of the year. "As a parenting society, it is important for us to develop innovative technology in a family's everyday life in an easy-to-use form with functionality that makes sense for children and the family's health and well-being."

Soon-to-be-moms can stress stress wondering if their children are okay. But now mothers will not only be able to hear their children's heartbeat but automatically count their children's kicks, all give a little more peace of mind.

Using comfortable soft fiber blends, Owlet Band hugs the shape of the mother's growing and changing body from 24 weeks to full term and uses passive and reliable ECG technology 30 times less than comparable technology. Because of its narrow characteristics, the sensors provide outstanding comfort without compromising the signal quality of "throwing a net" of sensors across the abdomen and tracking an unborn baby's well-being as he / she moves in the uterus.

The band is also designed to report on contractions to help mothers learn what they like and stay informed about how their body is preparing for labor. In addition, mothers can save and record sounds on their child's heart rate so that they can tie in with their little months before they meet.

"This product can be a game changer to determine the fetus's well-being," said Jeff Humpherys, Owlet's Chief Data Scientist.

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