When the afternoon, Wang Xiaobei was called to the office by the manager. The manager said that the company’s business in France had some problems, and it was necessary to send individuals to go there. He patted Wang Xiaobei’s shoulder and said: “Many people want to go to this errand.Read More →

Liquor Set Rose Water Moisturizing Cream Liquor Set Rose Water Moisturizing Cream is a natural plant of Guangzhou Musou Cosmetics Co., Ltd. A natural skin care product based on natural plant essential oils, botanical extracts and natural vegetable oils, which has the function of rebuilding the internal water content ofRead More →

Video Loading… Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Wuhan, told us that she needed to do a closed-type antibody immunotherapy for her illness. This treatment requires injecting other people’s serum into the body, and it is best to have her husband’s serum. However, Ms. Zhang found that the hospital still injectedRead More →