Owlet Cam vs Leading Baby Monitor from Owlet Baby Care on Vimeo. Earlier this year, we took advantage of the most powerful technology you own – your phone – and turned it into a baby monitor, Owlet Cam. Since that time there has been a lot of buzz around theRead More →

Source: Max Mumby / Getty Images Among the long lists of reasons why we LOVE Meghan Markle, is the fact that Meghan shares our obsession with pharmacy makeup – it seems that no one, not even the royal family, can resist a good deal! Of course, when we discovered thatRead More →

With the warm weather settling down for a while, it's time to break out the sandals for the season. If you are a sandal lover you probably have some couples waiting to be worn already. If not, you are itching to buy the latest sandal trends now. Wearing sandals whenRead More →

The home where Charles Manson's cult murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969 is currently for sale. It is currently $ 1.98 million. Amityville horror. American Horror Story. The Trolling. What do these stories have in common? Apart from being a definite part of the pop culture and horror landscape,Read More →

Depression is a mental illness where a person has an internal struggle with himself every day and every minute. Being depressed is very different than being sad; these two states of mind should not be confused. Where grief is a temporary state, depression is a long-term struggle where a personRead More →

Here at attract, we love makeup. Really like, really love makeup. Our beauty editors can talk floating liner, highlighter and base all damn day (and we often do). After all, it is our job and not one we take lightly. We are eagerly digging over every new launch, every emergingRead More →