Palace releases a new photo of Prince Louis

Have you been worried to avoid when Kensington Palace would release another photo of Prince Louis, aka Prince William and Kate Middleton's sweet love we have not seen forever? You! Is! Not! Alone!

William and Kate are notorious and understandably private about their children, but now that Louis grows up, they decided to release a photo of him as part of a new documentary about Prince Charles.

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Which, TBH, means quite good that this photo is more about Charles than Louis, but anything. It's still sweet.

Okay, you can hardly see Louise's face, but his outfit looks at point and everyone seems like they have a blast that's all royal and handsome. And in related news, a lot of other revelations came from Charles's new documentary film, such as that William is quite angry that he does not spend enough time with his grandchildren and the fact that Harry is obsessed with switching off light and Meghan thinks that's strange.