Pantene Intense Rescue Shots – Perfect skin care for you

pantene intense rescue shot product review

I love Pantene but it is sad that we do not get the same quality products in India as they do in the US. When my friend went to the US in June, I got her to take back a lot of products for me. These intense Pantene rescue shots were at the top of the list thanks to their relatively cheap price tag and fantastic product reviews. So, let me tell you my reasons for loving these pictures and why you should get them in bulk on your next trip to the US or Brazil.

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Product Overview

Price: approx. $ 5 for 3 shots

Availability: US only

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots – My review

Pantene Intense Rescue Shots are basically conditioners that come in disposable ampoules. The product claims to revive your hair in just 30 seconds. Now I like all conditioners and conditioning products that must keep the least possible time on my hair. I do not like to wait after applying conditioner without doing anything and it increases my sinus to have my head soaked longer.

pantene intense rescue shot product review

So I like the current version of Pantene Intense Rescue Shots. If you look at the photograph, we have two different types of products – one is a conditioner for one minute and the other is 30 seconds with both different packages. Pantene-intensive rescue shots come with a screw cap that makes it perfect for travel and storage of unused conditioner for future use, if you have short or fine hair.

Overall, I love these ampoules and I would definitely recommend you to get a stock on your trip to the US. They make your hair shiny and manageable, the tangles are controlled and the ends look hydrated and smooth.

Conditioner is creamy in texture and spreads easily. It's easy to wash off too. The product leaves no weight on the hair. In fact, the hair is extensive and moisturized immediately after. The ends look good and curls or waves are more defined. The effect lasts for two days, but it is recommended to use these intensive rescue shots only once a week. It works with all brands of shampoo which is again a plus for me.

An ampoule holds me in three uses, but I'm sure it would probably hold you smaller. All in all, it is cost-effective for regular use. However, it is not a deep conditioning treatment so do not think of it that way. The product is an instant hair removal and it does just that. For deep conditioning treatment, the 3 minute masks from Pantene have good reviews but I prefer something more intense.

Until then, Swathy.