Philippine Brand Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipstick Holds Selling

Who would have thought that a makeup brand could kick a serious business shot by just selling a product? Not the founders of Sunnies Face, It is certainly. And yet, Martine Ho, Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee – Yes, there are five times more founder than there are products – have been pleasantly surprised to find it their lipstick Has moved virtual shelves at a remarkable rate.

To be fair, Sunnies Faces Lipstick, called Fluffmatte, comes in nine colors – not just one, and they require regular resumption. And very thought went into the nine shades. In a interview with motion, Says Ho, "We started with over 350 test colors in over 22 different formulas. There was a non-stop test on every skin tone. From Caucasian tones to shiny Asian complexes, to fairer mestizas, to warmer tones, richer Morena skin – we tried it at all. "

Ho says that the last nine colors were chosen because they look phenomenal on every skin tone; if it did not flatter everyone, did not make the clip. This universality is regularly demonstrated by the models of both models and fans at Sunnies Face's Instagram, which has already received nearly 130,000 followers since the brand launched in early August.

Some of these fans include celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Amandla Sternberg, both of which have been seen with the Fluffmatte Shadow Nudist, as Sunnies Face describes as a hot almond stick. Among the other shades are Milkshake, Piggy Papaya, Baked (Terracotta Peach), Girl Crush, 143 (Berry Rose), Mood (Taupe Mauve), Hot Sauce (Tomato Red) and Major ("Perfectly Cool" Red) .

It seems celebrity has its benefits because, although Aguilera and Sternberg are Americans, Sunnies Face and Fluffmatte are not yet available in the United States. The brand is based in the Philippines; Currently it is available on two walls and mortar in the country and is only available online via the website Lazada. "We can not wait to bring Sunnies Face to North America and make everyone try it," Ho says, but it should not be a year or more. If they can keep the price similar to that in the Philippines, Fluffmatte would go for about $ 7 each.

And then hopefully Sunnies Face will offer even more inclusive makeup for everyone to obsess over.

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