Postpartum Recovery Tips – Owlet Blog

Some women (yourself with) believe that recovery of postpartum is more difficult than actual work. Spending several weeks heals your body on your own while you also adapt to life with a new baby is tough, both physically and mentally. But do not worry – it's a short phase that passes before you know it, and here are some tips to help you go as smoothly as possible.

Laying up on hospital recycling items

When I got home from the hospital with my first baby, I was so happy to get the recovery items the hospital gave me. But I ran out of some of them and getting to the store was difficult during that time. When I had my second child, I knew I asked the nurse if I could get extra before I was released and she was happy to upload me. You can get a lot of items from your local grocery store, so if you can order before time that will also be helpful.

Include survival mode

Do not expect to resume your usual routine for a while. Focus on the basics of survival; eating enough, sleeping enough, keeping you clean and approaching your mind in any way suits you – reading, writing, puzzling, phone calls with your loved ones, etc. I'm hard to sit and feel immutable when I & # 39; I had to calm down, so mental stimulation was really important to me during recovery.

Ask for help

I'm not sure why it's still so hard to ask for help when it's no secret to anyone that postpartum recovery can be so difficult and drainage, but I was still struggling. I soon discovered that this was one of my weaknesses, not a sign of strength because it caused much more suffering in my life. When I finally accepted someone's offer to vacuum my staircase I was so grateful. I do not realize how dirty they had been and it was a small task for the person who was very happy to help. I learned my lesson; use your support system. There is a reason, and everyone is better when we help each other.

Pay attention to social media exposure

We all know that social media can be a trigger for comparison and insecurity, so pay special attention to your social media usage during this vulnerable time of your life. Do not be pressed to hold on to anyone, and if you roll through Instagram, make you feel insufficient while just trying to heal your body and adapt to having a new baby, consider turning it off for a while. Your mental health will thank you.

Give yourself mercy

Sometimes we need to turn the golden rule: Treat yourself as you would treat others. Would you put the same expectations on a friend who goes through postpartum recovery? Would you hide her not to bounce back quickly to fitness, work, housework, social life, etc.?

Absolutely not.

Give yourself mercy. Squeeze yourself on your back as you would have a friend – you've just done something amazing, and your body needs time to heal. Let it. Be proud of yourself to go out of bed in the morning after a sleepless night with a baby, to brush your teeth to realize your adaptation to change and adopt a new normal. Love yourself and

What advice would you give a new mom in postpartum recovery?