Prada announces that the fashion show that debuts the Prada Men's Spring / Summer 2020 collection will be held in Shanghai on June 6, 2019. Introduced on the 40th anniversary of twinning of the cities of Shanghai and Milan, this fashion show symbolizes a dialogue between these two different but complementary hubs. .

"China has always occupied a prominent place in Prada's imagination: in particular, the city of Shanghai and its rich cultural life. Attitude and identity in Shanghai, its dynamic mergers of past and present, old and new, are sources of constant exchange and interest," said Miuccia Prada.

Prada is willing to strengthen a long-term relationship with China. In 2017, Prada Prada established Rong Zhai, a new cultural institution in Shanghai, housed in a historic building that represents the Group's interest in both radical new architecture and historical preservation. Prada Rong Zhai was the site of a second iteration of the Prada 2018 Resort Show, in October 2017. Prada's mission in China is constantly expanding and emphasizing its presence with new and original experiences.

During Milan Men's Fashion Week, to enhance the ongoing conversation between the brand's strong international calling and its deep Italian roots, Prada will be present with two events: a live music performance on June 14 at Fondazione Prada; a presentation of the Prada Men's spring / summer 2020 collection.