Protect your child's skin in winter

As we approach the winter months, it's time to start thinking about protecting your child's sensitive skin, which can be extremely sensitive to cold winter air, gusty winds and central heating.

From my first experience with my two children, Ralph, four years and Olivia, five months, I've seen how winter can affect the skin. Ralph's skin has always become particularly dry and irritated, so this winter I take extra care with both Olivia and Ralph's skin.

In winter, central heating can really wipe out the child's skin. The hands and face of the children may be particularly prone to being cold, especially when they are out in wind and cold, which can cause dryness and cutting.

Here are some simple things you can do to protect your child's skin during the winter …

Bath and Bedtime

Bathing and sleeping routines are often a pleasant end to one day, and also the perfect time to take care of Olivia's skin.

Hard water can dry to your baby's skin so you do not have to bathe them every day during the winter months. Olivia, like many other children, does not like being cold, so I always make sure the windows are closed and the room is hot. Closing the bathroom door as you begin to run the bath helps keep the room beautiful and warm.

I have used the Aveeno baby range to wash Ralph, and now Olivia, for years. I love Aveeno Baby day care body water and Aveeno Baby soothing softening softly wash the delicate skin of Olivia without letting it dry.

I try not to let Olivia suck in the bathtub for a long time to prevent her skin from drying out and putting her together in a towel as soon as I get her out of the water. I gently pat Olivia dry, instead of rubbing, because this is more likely to irritate her skin.

Moisturizing Baby Skin

To ensure that your child's skin is moistened will help prevent hijacking. After bathing, I like to use an unscented moisturizer or oil before I get Olivia ready for the bed. Aveeno Baby soothing softening cream is another of our favorites, we use it as part of our daily routine. It's great for helping to calm dry skin that is prone to irritation and works wonders to protect sensitive skin during the winter months.

Alternatively, I also use Childs Farm organic coconut oil. I love Childs Farm range, because the products are nice, safe and smell delicious. Some parents do not like oils because they are oily, but I think they really help protect Olivia's skin by keeping it moisturized and they tend to stay longer. It is also good to give her a relaxing bedtime massage.

Winter closet and weather protection

There are so many lovely children's clothes out there to keep the baby warm in the winter. Of course you do not want them to be cold, but it's equally important that they do not get too hot.

Keep in mind that you do not have to dress your baby in thick clothes to keep them warm when you leave the car, as it can overheat them, which can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, you might want to consider using warm blankets instead, which you can remove when the car is heated.

Try using layers of thin clothes instead of thick clothes, so you can add or remove layers to adjust between the outside and the inside. Wearing a vest under the child's clothes helps keep them warm. I really like the westerners of George at ASDA, they are a great price and a quality that is ideal for a growing baby, and ASDA clothes tend to rinse very well.

When you wash children's clothes, try using a skin conditioner intended for sensitive skin, this will help at this time of year when your child's skin is more likely to be annoyed by other things.

When you are out, always try to protect your skin from the cold winter and rain, especially vulnerable areas such as small fingers and toes. Be sure to cover your baby with warm socks, needles and a hat. Kids socks are often very thin, but I have recently bought some beautiful, soft thick baby socks from ASDA that will be perfect for keeping small tears warm this winter.

Do not forget to protect against tapered lips – a little bit of petrol will provide protection against cold. Using a thin layer under the nose also helps to prevent raw skin from flowing little noses.

What are your best tips for protecting your child's skin during the winter?

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