Queen Elizabeth believes that the word "pregnant" is vulgar

For most of the world, the word "pregnant" is a fairly common term to describe someone who is in fact pregnant. But Queen Elizabeth II does not have it.

According to a recently pampered and really hilarious article about Her Majesty's pet peeves published by Us every week literally eons ago When Prince George was a single baby, Queen preferring the elisabeth not to use "pregnant" when describing women who expect. Why do you ask?

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Per the palace that spoke to the newspaper, the queen finds the term "vulgar". Which … eh … okay?



But if she does not use the word "pregnant" to describe people who are actually pregnant, what does she use? Well, the source claims Her Majesty refers instead to pregnant women as "in the family way". Which is honestly the Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth, whom I have ever heard – perhaps even more Queen Elizabeth-y than reporting that she left a reading note to her staff after finding a slug in her meal.