Queen Elizabeth "Surprised" Meghan Markle Wore White to Royal Wedding

You know how Meghan Markle rolled into his wedding to Prince Harry who looks totally divine in a light white shoulder rock designed by Clare Waight Keller? And that was basically the fashion moment 2018? Yes, well not according to the Queen of England / Queen of Shade Elizabeth II.

pictureGetty Images

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Per a new report in The Daily Mail, the queen was shaken that Meghan had such a white coat for her wedding given that she had been (gasp!) married once before. Per their reporting: "The Queen is said to have expressed surprise that Meghan, a divorce, carried such a white dress for her wedding."

Your. What other color should she wear? Lime green like Her Majesty?

Keep in mind that Queen Elizabeth has also been dissatisfied with Megan's outfits in general, and palace officials are said to have asked her to "start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal."

Uh-huh. On that note, let's all check out the sparkling outfit that the duchess had in the evening, shall we?

pictureGetty Images