"Queer Eye" Season 4 News, Trailer and Release Date


Gabriel OlsenGetty Images

Yes, I am fully aware that Netflix blessed us with a third season off Queer EyeBut for those of us with unprecedented bingeing skills, there is always a need for more Fab Five content. If you hit through the new episodes faster than Antoni can get through a stash of mature avocados, don't worry. There is more QE coming.

Netflix hasn't confirmed a fourth season yet, but it's hard to imagine they will call it ends anytime soon. In addition, it seems that the casting is on board to continue forever.

"It's the first show I've been to where I'm really in love with my castrates. Like, we're really best friends," Karamo told Hurry after the first season. "Yes, yes, work with my friends and do something that is affected for the world? Write me up for the rest of my life."

Glad we are all on the same page, here.



So, about the new episodes. There is no official release date, but we will get a special called 4 episode Queer Eye: We are in Japan! this year. Remember when Fab Five served looking over Tokyo in February, and we all wondered what they had to do? They filmed new episodes, thankfully.

Of course, I am happy about Japan's special … but I will only take this opportunity as an opportunity to publish a season four announcement as soon as possible.