Rain and first snow storm will meet in the US this week

Take your winter robes and snow shoes because the first big snowstorm of the season is coming.

Much of the country – including several major cities, airports and highways along the east coast and southwest – will experience snow, rain and more difficult weather early in the week, according to AccuWeather. Flight delays and poor driving conditions are expected.

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Beginning on monday night, a storm will make its way across the southeast and head north. Heavy rain and flooding will hit several southern states from Texas to Florida and up to Virginia, while snow is expected in the Midwest from Oklahoma to Ohio.

On Tuesday, parts of the upstate New York to Maine will experience a snowy blend like rain pummels areas from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. Thunderstorms and floods are forecast to stay south through Tuesday night.

Although much of the country is expected to see showers, conditions can change and bring snow or a narrow blend of the two. In addition, strong winds can cause power outages and even more slow flights to the airport when the storm is heading north.

While it's only November, winter storms and advice have already been issued in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, according to The Weather Channel. Flights to or from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas and Atlanta are likely to be affected too.

The good news conditions will clean up and the wind will die just in time for Thanksgiving travelers who plan to drive or fly this weekend.