Red snail: an effective baby skin care product that improves eczema

Baby eczema is a common skin disease in infancy, and is most common in babies 1 to 3 months old. When the eczema is serious, it will greatly affect the normal life of the baby. Itching is unbearable, irritating, and waking up at night… So the treasure mothers will find that the seedlings should be prevented as soon as possible. When the situation is serious, the baby will be tortured! Eczema is easy to repeat, and the symptoms are sometimes light and sometimes heavy.

Newborns or small babies have eczema. Most of them are children’s skin development is not perfect, skin protection function problems. 60% of eczema babies, using a lot of emollient products to enhance the baby’s skin barrier, can reduce the recurrence of eczema. It’s just natural to wait for the baby to be a little bigger.

How to moisturize your baby’s skin

· Apply within 5 minutes of bathing and cleansing the face to help relieve discomfort from dryness.

· Apply 3-5 times a day, or use a moisturizer (baby moisturizer or lotion) as needed, gently apply to the entire body.

· In the care of newborns, especially premature infants, dry skin of newborns, it is recommended to use moisturizing products containing ceramides and amino acids. This type of product is especially suitable for dry, chapped skin, infants and children with eczema.

Red Snail: An effective baby skin care for improving eczema

How do we choose to face a variety of baby skin care brands?

Infants and young children have high skin water content, thin and tender skin, and easily absorb nutrients from skin care products, so they need more detailed and professional ingredients. Professional children’s brand moisturizers are more scientific in terms of ingredients and raw materials, and are more suitable for infants and young children.

1, there is a mystery in the formula table

Infants and young children’s skin care products are not the ingredients, the better the baby’s skin, because complex ingredients may stimulate the baby’s skin. Therefore, it is best for parents to choose a skin care product that has a single formula and does not contain ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol, or pigment.

2. Look at the packaging and distinguish it.

Before purchasing baby skin care products, parents need to see if there is an approval number and certificate on the package, and it depends on the shelf life of the product.

3, the thicker the traits should be cautious

The skin care products of infants and young children have more moisture content, so the traits are thinner, which is normal. But the thicker, harder to apply, and thicker on the face, this product has yet to be studied.

4, the stronger the fragrance, the worse it is.

Parents are advised to buy odorless or light-scented skin care products for their baby. Because of the rich flavor of the product, it may contain spices or cover up a certain a bad ingredient. If used for a long time, it will cause damage to your baby’s skin.

Remind parents: Every baby’s skin and physique are different. Children who are suitable for others may not be suitable for their children. Therefore, parents must make rational judgments when purchasing skin care products for their babies, and choose skin care products that do not contain fragrance, alcohol, and no irritation, which can protect the skin’s water balance.

Is there any baby skin care products that are both emollient and safe?

Red Snail: An effective baby skin care product for improving eczema. It is specially developed for allergic babies. The red snail grafts the successful experience of infant anti-allergic milk powder onto skin care products with amino acids. The core formula builds a protective barrier for nourishment, repair and bacteriostasis. Amino acid ingredients nourish the baby, smaller molecules, the baby is more easily absorbed; it is worth mentioning that the red snail’s amino acid formula contains an amino acid component that the baby must not synthesize independently – histidine, this component and the body’s metamorphosis The reaction is closely related to inflammation.

Red Snail: An effective baby skin care for improving eczema

Not only that, red snails also add skin homologs: squalane, ceramide, hyaluronic acid. Like the mother’s fetal fat, it blends into the baby’s sebum, quickly penetrates into the skin, moisturizes, and hydrates and locks in water.

And in order to better protect and protect the baby, the basic raw materials of the red snail are from food, hormone-free, alcohol-free, preservative-free, mineral-free, fragrance-free, and non-pigmented. Mothers can rest assured that the baby will be used for a long time.

Red Snail: An effective baby skin care for improving eczema

Red snail innovative small molecule amino acid formula, more reliable for allergic baby skin

Amino acid properties are mild and moist Stimulating, every bit of it is breast-like care. It has a very good affinity and moisturizing effect on the skin, maintains and repairs the skin barrier function, and enhances the ability to resist external invasion.

One: Innovative Amino Acid Formula

Smaller Molecules, More Absorption, More Nourishment

Two: Plant Low Temperature Extraction Formula

Pesticide Protective Film: Affinity Skin Barrier Allergies

Herbal Strength Repair: Safe and Effective

Three: Human skin homologue

Ceramide: Affinity and sebum to construct a skin protective film

Hyaluronic acid: Natural moisturizing and moisturizing skin

Angle Squalane: Quick penetration, better moisture retention