Ruth Langsford reveals biggest regrets about her wedding to husband Eamonn Holmes

When Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes get married in 2010, the couple enjoyed a saga ceremony in an unnecessary country.

The attached links to the Grand Hampshire Hotel The Elvetham, located within 35 acres of beautiful gardens.

But while the wedding may have looked at the picture perfect for the fans, Ruth revealed that there are some things she may have changed about her big day.

On yesterday's Solving women, she and her panelists discussed their "wedding annoyance" – when the 58-year-old made an open up.

She acknowledged that she would have liked the wedding day – which took place in June – had been a little colder.

But more, Ruth acknowledged that she would rather have had another hair color for the day.

The presenter acknowledged, "If there was something I could have changed about our wedding, yes, I would not really change anything. But it was so hot. We had the hottest day of the year and it was a bit too hot."

She went on and said, "And I also had strangely dyed hair. Remember when I had this hair disaster when I took all the blondes out of my hair and I went really dark? It was terrible, I did not care.

Ruth revealed that she had tried to change the color of the wedding – but it had not worked properly as she had hoped.

"I gradually tried to bring it to the blonde through the color spectrum and it was like a gingery-brown."

Well, we think you saw love Ruth!

As two of the biggest TV stars in the world, Ruth and Eamonn also welcomed a lot of celebrity guests on their big day eight years ago.

And during yesterday's deduction of Solving women, she also shared a hilarious moment with one of their more demonstrating guests.

Ruth told the audience, "Christopher Biggins was at our wedding and in the morning I was not there, but Eamonn and his brothers sat outside because it was a beautiful day.

"And Christopher came out on the balcony, in his pants and said," Eamonn, this could all be yours! ""

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