Safe Sleep Giveaway: Owlet x 4Moms'

Riley Klaus

We expect our first child in March 2019 and would love to have these essential things for our little ones'

Ashleigh Provost

Please choose me'

I expect in February.
Hope to get the chance to try this product!'

It looks like a good place for the child'

Ashley Butcher

I would love to have this I only had B / G twins in August. They were both in NICU for one month because of breathing and heart related problems. Our little boy fought with bradiacardias quite badly. Even though he passed his Brady watch, I feel like I've been sleeping with an eye openly after I've gone home. This owlet sock would definitely help me to give me peace and quiet.'

Christmas Rivera

I have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, she's my first, I'm 23, still going to school, and my husband and I just moved out on their own, honey things are expensive, only diapers we are awake call on expenses, and It would be good for us, because what sleep when you monitor the monitor'

Elizabeth Luna

Expect our second child in February. I wish that I would have had this or known for this for our first child who passed away at 5 months last year because of cardiac and respiratory complications. We made several trips to acute because he struggled to breathe and would stop breathing on several occasions since he was born. I never really knew how low the oxygen content would suppress until he was in hospital. I always had him by my side and never looked at him and always afraid not knowing or being there for him if he had another "episode". I plan to get this for Baby No. 2.'

Ashley Barros

Hope for good news. Good luck everybody!!!'

Alex Kirkman

We expect our first child in March and would love both Owlet and 4Mom products! I know that both are superior products and would absolutely love to have the peace of mind when our baby is asleep. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win!'

David McGuire

First child. Trying to find things!'

Taylor Templeton

One of the best baby units created!'

Taylor Templeton

This would help me sleep so much better at night knowing that my baby is in the safe hands (or socks)'

I've heard so many wonderful things about this product. It would be a good thing to have when you have our next baby'

Chanel Pristley

I would love this one. We are trying for baby number 2 and this would be great. O could also share with my niece just released from NICU a month ago.'

Melanie Stout

This would be a wonderful gift to our first child! Would love to win owlet sockan! Package and play is just a bonus !!!'

I have been looking for a birth from my first baby but could not afford it. I did not sleep because I needed to know that she lived and breathed while she was sleeping. This would really be a blessing to have for our little girl on your way.'

Lauren Perkins

I expect baby No. 2 and would love to get the owlet to help me calm down while we sleep. I would wake you up at night with me first to check if he was breathing all the time. AND our pack n-game has recently been broken. We need a new one as grandparents are out of town!'

Lauren Perkins

I'm gone with baby No. 2 and would have to have the owlet to give me peace of mind at night while I'm asleep. I remember waking up at night with my first to check if he was breathing. Now with a toddler and newborn on the road, I will need all the sleep I can get!'

Krystal sotolongo

I keep writing as every hour, hope I win this, the first time mom would love this'

Krystal Sotolongo

Being a first time mom and I would love this, help me sleep at night and know that everything is fine'

Owlet would be good

This would give us such a peace mind. It's a game changer!'

I will be a first time mom. Would love to try this product!


First time mom! Would love to have this'

Would love to try Owlet Smart Sock'

I've heard all the good things about this product – would love it for the first time mom!'

Katherine M Arguelles

Need this in my life with a new baby coming next month. It would help me as much as a new mom'

It will be good for my son'

Alisha McKay

Will wait a second baby in the near future !!


We expect our first child in April. After a lot of heartache and many problems, it ends at last!'

So excited to meet our baby in February'

Eunice Ling

Would love to have owlet for my secondborn because we have sleepless nights as my first born had acid reflux and it choked her couple times.


Love it!'

Love this!'

Lauren Hill

4moms have amazing products love my infant's tub !! Would love to win'

Alicia Geisler

Would love to win this'

Itzel Espinoza

My baby was born prematurely and spent some time on NiCU, I do not think it would be any better than having an owlet to make sure she's good.


This would be so awesome!'

Annette Bergmann

I would love this product for my girlfriend.'

Sanchia Quirong

Love to win this because we do not have any of this for our upcoming little one. It will be perfect for our baby's coming.


I hope to have one owlet one day'

Sandor Garcia

My wife and I are both big fans of 4moms products and the technology they integrate into basic baby products, making them essential for new parents on the go. Owlet is an incredible tool with hospital-grade technology in your hand. The atmosphere that would give us would be so amazing, so we could have a good nights rest while we know that our baby is asleep safely.'

Bree Walker

Expect our first child in April 2019! We are so happy. I work at a children's hospital and so many of our new parents love this product! Thank you for the little ones a bit safer every day!'

Janell Scharrer

I really need this!


Would love for my first big kids to have one of these !!'

Vanessa Farley

I am very interested in this product! I hope I win !!'

Jasmine Valenzuela

I've heard about Owlet and have been looking for one for my baby girl so badly! I would love to win this and get the chance to enjoy this product and spread around the amazing works of the owls for others to try it too! As the first time mom Im paranoid, and with my first baby keeping me at night constantly checking her breathing and theres so many sleepless nights! This would be gold for me to win this!'

Aly Wright

We are 41 weeks pregnant. Worried to meet that little man!

Kathryn Burgess

I do not expect but have two daughters who expect their first baby.'

I born a 32 week old baby boy in March! He has chronic lung disease and is on oxygen 24/7 during the last 7 months. Right now we have a hospital oximeter, but hopefully soon he will be cordless and switch off acid soon !! I would love to win an owl to give me peace of mind when he's out of the oxygen!'

Looks like a good product!'

Katherine Arguelles

I heard these are magic when you have a baby, especially newborn. I would love this if I won due next month on November 14, 2018. He is my first child hopefully I can win this because it's very just for me to buy. I can monitor his acid because, as a child, I had trouble breathing and I know it would make me justice. I have never won any hopes, hopefully I can do this. Fingers crossed. Good luck to mama for those who participate 🙂'

I expect in April, we would love this product with our first child.


Savannah Holmes

I would love to have this for my 3 month old. I feel like I'm up all night, so my little man is still breathing and it would help me sleep at night.'

I'll be the first time mom and I do not think I can be well prepared. Winning owlet would give me so much more self-confidence and make me feel more satisfied. Knowing that the owl can help me protect my child's life means so much.'

Raquel Fairbanks

I expect my first baby in March and a graduation from the breathing school in December. After the knowledge I have received at school, I know how incredibly important it is to monitor my sister's saturation and heart rate. Winning This would give me so much peace and quiet to know that my baby is healthy and safe.'

Raquel Fairbanks

I'm pregnant because of March and I will graduate from the Respiratory Therapy School in December. I know, based on the knowledge I have received at school, how important it is to monitor the oxygen saturation and heart rate of my future children and I know how much comfort and peace this will give me if I win.'

Denia Palacios

I expect my first child, a boy in March 2019 and am so excited about all these smart suits and opportunities thanks Owlet!'

I've always worked hard for everything I ever wanted, I'm pregnant now with my first baby ever and I'm so excited. I would love to win this prize and see what all these lovely mamas are talking about'

I've heard a lot about this product, but I'll love to see it myself and see what all these great mamas are talking about'

I've heard a lot about this product, but I'll love to see it for myself'

In life, I have never got anything, always had to work hard for what I want. I would love to give my baby the best, for health and love. If I win, I would really be grateful. Thanks!


I need this !!'

Would be very excited and grateful to win!'

Marissa Gutierrez

This would give this sleepless mom so much peace of mind


This is such a good giveaway and who wins will be so happy



diane drawdy

I love it !!'

Natalie P

This owlet saved my baby when she was 7 weeks old. If it were not too bad, we would not have noticed her elevated heart rate and high temp. She spent 16 days in picu who received antibiotics. Owlet saved us!'

diane drawdy

My big grandson needs this …… .I love it !!'

diane drawdy

My big grandson needs this …….'

Jessy Reeves

Would love this! I'm deaf and it would help so much with my husband who went for deployment.'

Torey Chowning

This would be the best ever !! Would love to win these for our girl due in November! Would give us great peace of mind!


What a good giveaway I own owlet already and love it !!!'

Vera Sidhom

I do not expect, but my father-in-law is due 14 November. That's why I went into this giveaway. 🙂'

Emily Wakefield

Would be so blessed by this!'

Jamie Anderson

This is such a good giveaway! I love both these products a lot! I hope I'm the happy mother who's lucky enough to win !!'


Would love to win!'

I will not let my baby sleep without an owl! They are literally lifeguards!


Hope to win!'

Would love to have for my new arrival in February for peace of mind.'

we need it! Today we are 6 months'

Fingers crossed this giveaway!'

Aryanna Butz

My sister uses the owl and I fell in love!

I really could
Use tea items!'

Latyar Hines

This season, I like to shop for no reason to show him and his clothes … I love his health and the smart sock can be my best friend than Grayson … He would appreciate this enlightenment that mom is dedicated to.'

Kaylyn Keith

Love this!

Courtney Wetterstrom

Would love it !!'

HI. I've heard amazing things about this product.'

I want to win'

Denise Chavarin

Really want this peace of mind with my first baby'

Rebekah B Brown

My husband and I expect our first baby girl in January and we have done extensive research, read reviews and talked to parents who have both of them and we have fallen in love with both products so winning this is a blessing and a huge money saver for us .


Fingers crossed we win !!'

Katie Kloss

I would love to add these to our family.'

Alexa Lee-Mischke

I have a baby because of January 24th and I would be over the moon if I'm the chosen winner!'

Miranda Shaw

We are due with our first little one in June 2019 and it would be so life-changing for us .. sure sleep is our first priority for our little angel .. and I've heard so good things about Owlet Smart Sock & 4Moms!


Thank you for the opportunity to win!'

Miriam Martin

This would be amazing!'

Bailu lok

Would love to win for my newborn'

Angela Sanchez

I have looked at the owlet stocking since I've been pregnant, seen it bye darling and at bestbuy who always wants to buy it but just does not have money. It's my first baby and I just think this helps me feel so comfortable that I know my baby is okay.'

Megan Long

This would be very useful to get something like this because our childhood is tough now and that would be much appreciated'

Marisela Cerrillo

I'm a new first time grandmother and we have a girl girl maturity 12/28/2018 …'

Diana Cheng

Hope to win'

Anna ocampo

This is a brilliant idea! Like most of the first time, the parents (like myself) are extremely paranoid to leave their children in the crib. Even though the crib is just next to our bed, it's just an extra touch.'

Christina Brisson

Would love to win!'

Sommier Schene

I really love this product !!!


Love it'

Great products!'

Brenda Reyes


Sarah Taylor

I would like to have a restful sleep without worrying about my baby.


Fingers crossed .. For my bundle to come'

Ruth Gonzalez

We love 4 mammal products.'

Shelby Martin

I've heard so good things about this product and I would really love to try it out! I'm already sleep deprived as it is but I've heard that owlet sock really helps new mothers get light and sleep calmly!'

Ruth Gonzalez

Would love to hear about the product.'

Jump luck is at my service for once. Mourning single parent. Hard work tiresome. This would help me to be restless soon .. Fingers are crossed'

Jenna Cassidy

This would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!'

Sandy Adair

This is my first granchild.'

I would love to win!'

Celina Venegas-Sanchez

Thank you very much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! The products are amazing and a great release for parents to know that their little ones are safe. ❤️'

Clarissa Rodriguez

Love you product'

Jason Gilliland

Thank you for the opportunity!


Love owlet itams'

Brenda Galindo

Love this color!'

Would be great to win because money is a bit tight and we do not have much family around to help us get ready for our second baby. It would be a blessing to win'

Ariell Harrison

Can not wait to try my little babe!


Keena Louise

I really, in need of twin children's boys, ♥ ️


I'm a first time mom and would like to win to get things started!'

*Choose Me*'

Pretty nice'

Shelby Guidry

My boy boy soon depends, this will help a lot still need a few things to get for him.'

Nayuth verduzco

I am very excited, there are 2 things I really want for my baby! I hope to be happy !!!'

Lauren Godwin

Fingers crossed!'

Alaiyah Wilson

I would love to win this give away, it's very much needed.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity !!'

Carlos Morales

My baby boy born too early, it helps us a lot to get some sleep'

Angela Segot

I would just love to win this giveaway.'

Kevin Bohn

4 mothers!'

Would love to win !!'

Dara Pagaduan

Preparing for a # 2 a day.'

Mercadies Gaglio

Would be so grateful to win this amazing give away!


Our baby was recently diagnosed with having a hole in her heart – these products would give us a lot of peace to be able to supervise her and know that she is sleeping safely!'

I've always wanted to have one of these magic socks! I'm a whole new mom and she lazens up when she sits on her back sometimes and I'm so afraid I'm sleeping through it and she's going to choke this sock would let me sleep and calm me down!'

I would really love to win this. It makes me sleep better at night. I'm a teenage mother as I go to high school too. I am a senior and I also go to the medical school'

Jenny Ramirez

We really want to win.


I would love to win!'

I already have my Owelet!'

Melanie Fraaza

This seems like a good product!'

Melissa Schmidt

I have wanted one of these because I found out that I was pregnant! A little peace of mind goes a long way for a new mom who cares for everything!'

Can not wait to try if I won 🙂'

Carolina Gonzalez

This setting is so cute !!! I love it.'

Sasha Morris

Being ready to get my third baby and getting all the nessesities I need is such a hassle and it would really help a lot.


I hope I win'

Hannah Baggott

We love our owl!'

We love our owlet smart sock!'

Aria Brophy

An Owlet sock and a 4Mom play yard would be such amazing gifts to win !! We donated all our baby gear to our first child and did not think we would have another, so we start from the beginning. Thanks!'

Sasha Morris

I would really love this game for my baby. This is my third pregnancy and make sure I get everything I need right now is such a hassle so it would definitely help a lot.'

This seems very conveniant!'

Ines Perez

I would love to win because with my first birth, he had the flu on just 1 month old witch was very hard to leave him alone even for 5 minutes because I was afraid and he always had very high fever'

LaTasha Smith

I would love to be a recipient of these things as a new mom. There are two things that have been added to my registry.'

Please choose me!'

Lauren Lewis

I love owlet I really wish I had one so I do not go constantly and make sure she's ok every ten minutes. I worry so much. It would help me to calm down and let me get some sleep


I hope to win this for a new, single, lonely mother who is due in January! She has literally no, but some friends, and I would love to her and her little one to have the best!'

Always want this! Looks like the coolest ever ever!'

Jon Cameron will be my first child and I'm so happy for his arrival! I've only heard amazing things about owelet sock and I think it gently makes me calm at night. By building a new home and planning my wedding, and preparing my baby, will win owelet parish help me save some money!'

Caroline Parker

I've heard the owl is amazing! Please choose me! Baby Parker needs one during the flu season!'

Kristen Rhorer

I would love to win these things for my daughter!'

Would love to have this for my new little!'

Katie Kloss

This would be a great and safe option to add to our family.

Love Owlet for new mothers and dads to help with safe sleep!'

Tara Paladino

My niggon is due in March and we found only Tuesday she has a rare heart defect called Ebstein anomaly of tricuspid valve with an enlarged right heart. This creates low levels of oxygen due to the fact that the blood is not pumping properly. She needs surgery at some point, at the moment, doctors can not tell us when it should take place. I would love to win this and give my brother-in-law and sister-in-law a slight comfort that knows that their precious baby rests safely.'

Kristina Balazs

I would love to have this because it would be a peace of mind for me when I travel and my husband is alone with children'

Bri Tucker

Love all your products'

Trinity Robinson

These are the two things in my registry that I die to keep my new baby safe! As a new mom, it will give so much comfort that he breathes and gets notified if he is not!'


The peace of mind that comes with this product is simply invaluable.'

Love it'

Alejandra Flores

I would love this one!'

Love the color, would love to have for my sister newborn twins'

Sam Pelland

Choose Me'

Sarina Cruz

Jag skulle gärna vinna en Owlet smart socka!'

Michelle Rosenfeld

Upphetsad att delta i tävlingen


Jag skulle gärna vinna för att få en säker plats för att min baby skulle sova'

Madison Berna

Detta är mitt första barn. Jag har alltid velat vara en mamma mer än någonting! Min man är stationerad vid Fort Campbell för tillfället och kommer att distribueras efter jul. Det skulle vara så bra att vinna denna giveaway! <3;

Maria Maguellal

Skulle älska att vinna detta. Strax före min baby är här. 1: a gången mamma.;

Frieda Laniado

Välj mig! Jag är så nervös om min dotter sover jag kontrollerar henne starkt;

Jacqulyn Greenleaf

Detta skulle vara så fantastiskt ge bort för att vinna som första gången mamma !!;

Naimeh Powell

Jag har en familjemedlem som köper denna produkt till sin bebis och är kär i den. Det ger dem en så stor uppfattning.;

Jag skulle gärna vinna det här;

Angelica Espinosa

Jag är en första gången mamma och jag tittade på owlet-produkten men har inte tillräckligt med pengar för att köpa den. Jag tycker att detta kommer att hjälpa till att ta hand om min babyhälsa;

Morgan Sapmaz

Jag skulle vara så tacksam om jag var mottagare av lekplatsen och owlet smart socka. Jag är en sjuksköterska som arbetar med spädbarn och jag har alltid velat ha en smart socka ända sedan jag först såg dem annonserade. Nu när jag har en 6 veckor gammal nyfödd skulle det vara mycket fördelaktigt att ha sinnesro att veta att han är säker.;

Alex suitter

So excited to win!!;

Allex Loosli

I would love to win a mint smart sock!;

Alicia gray

My husband and I are expecting our first child! After three years of trying and a very harsh reality check that maybe due to my childhood leukemia we wouldn’t conceive, we were blessed with our miracle baby!;

Hannah Evans

I’d absolutely love to win this !

Carlie Erwin

I would love one of these! I can’t wait to have our little one here and this would just calm my crazy!;

Makell Evans

We would love to win this item

Can’t wait to make my baby an Owlet baby!


Caleb Sandberg

Proud step father of two beautiful little kids. Mason is 6 and Blake is 3, and now we are over the moon to bring a baby sister home. So proud!;

Pamela Mendez

I will love to get this item since I can’t afford it right now I have a 2 month old babygirl and I’m a first time mom . I always wanted a 4moms item . I will love this;

Pamela mendez

I have a 2 month old baby girl and I’m a first mom I will love to get this item since I can’t afford it right now . I always wanted a 4moms item .;

Charity garcia

My baby has been through a lot health wise since she was born i feel with this i can have a little more rest peacefully knowing she is ok and i am able to monitor her this way;

Leslie ortiz

I’m almost a week into my purchase and I love it. Seriously gave me peace of mind at night now. Worth every penny. I feel like this is a must have for every single mom. I wish I would’ve known about this sock before my son was born.

Emily Kantarevic

We are expecting our Rainbow baby in March after miscarrying in June. We are so so excited but pregnancy after miscarriage does not come without a lot of worry and fear and anxiety. Winning this giveaway would be a huge blessing because it will give us the peace we need at night to know our little one is okay.;

Cheralyn Andersen

This would be perfect!!;

mina kubannek

Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I really hope I win!;

We had a scare with our oldest. She stopped breathing in her car seat. These definitely would provide peace of mind;

Katie Prescott

I’ve always wanted an owlet, but sadly did not receive it for my shower or as a gift for a new mom. Not sure if my family and friends thought I didn’t need it since I am a nurse. It is so different from being a mom. Not to mention nurse monitor their patients with the tools and technology in the hospital. Moms at home rarely have the same luxuries to make you feel like your baby is sleeping safely. So, all in all this product is great and makes us as moms feel safe as well to sleep and not check if our baby is breathing every hour.;

Anna Yeskova

Hope I will win;

Lourdes Garza

Everything looks amazing !!;

Amanda Robinson

I would LOVE to have both of these items.
4moms has amazing products and the owlet will help me sleep knowing my baby is being watched over and I will be alarmed if anything should happen.;

Jordan schoettner

I have been loving my smart sock!! Gives me that piece of mind to be able to sleep through the night!;

Alicia Gray

My husband and I are finally expecting our first child after three years of trying! Due to my childhood cancer, we thought it was not going to happen for us but we were blessed with a new baby for summer 2019!;

Hayatt Joy Tenorio

I heard this is really helpful and would love to have this for my baby girl.;

Julie perez

I love your products, wish I win.


So excited;

Kadyn smith

14 weeks along with our first baby and just found out it’s a girl! Would love for this to be the first thing we get for her!;

Monique Martinez

Regardless if I win or not, I am going to buy this smart sock. I’m hoping to get this as one of my baby shower gifts but if not, I will buy it. However, I do truly hope to win for the sick alone. The folding playpen is just a bonus. It’s the sock I’m excited about.;

Courtney Johnson

Love these products;

Maddie Reynolds

Would be such an amazing piece of mind! Heard nothing but good stories about this company!;

Lissette Galindez

Hope to win! 🙂;

Sydney Smith

Would love to win this product! First time mom!;

Paola Sotelo

I will love it;

I hope I win;

Aimee Soncrant

I would love this! 🙂


I would love to be able to sleep with a peace of mind with baby #2!;

Micaela Carr

I would love to win this give away!;

RaeAnn Dennison

Would love to win these items for my little one;

Mallory Fischer

I’m excited!

I would love to win this give away!;

This seems like an awesome giveaway and I can really use this!;

I stress so much about my baby when I sleep this would be a lifesaver, especially because there’s no way I would be able to afford it on my own.;

Erin Fuller Randall

Baby needs this!;

Laia Baez-Iqbal

I am expecting my first born, my rainbow baby and I have been monitored as a high risk pregnancy. The owlet would give me the reassurance as the biophysical profiles have been giving me biweekly for the past month. I have been so used to check is she is breathing and making sure that her vitals are healthy that I considered this is the best item to continue to feel safe even when she is sleeping.;

Erin Fuller Randall

My baby (preemie) could definitely use this;

Cydney Chestnutt

Being future parents of two under two, this would be a great win for us!;

Angel Wise

My son was just born yesterday at 238 am. This would be a great birthday present!;

Andrea Aranki

I now have a 15 month old and a newborn. Life’s gotten a little crazy. Especially since we’re all staying the the basement of my parents due to a job transfer my husband got. We get lots of help from family which is nice but having extra equipment is always nice so we don’t have to drag it around with us! And the owelt would give me such a peace of mind!;

Patricia Gonzalez

Would LOVE to receive this for my baby! Obsessed with this product <3 Seems so convenient and would give me such a huge piece of mind.;

I’m really excited to Try this new product!;

Jamie Stansfield

Bought this when it first came out for my friend. Would love to have the newer version for myself!;

I love this product and I really would love to try it!!;

Can’t wait to have an owlet for the safety of my newborn;

Sabrina Polizzi

I’m a first time mom due in June of 2019. I’m a high risk pregnancy and the owlet would be perfect to ease my mind once the baby is here. I never win anything but I would be forever grateful to win an owlet!;

Natalya Moya-Calgelia

Awesome, I always wanted and OWLET;

Grand Ma Pam King

Doing this for Grand-baby that are due around 11/28/18 and 02/20/19;

Amanda Nekoroski

My brother and his gf are having there first baby and are due December 28th and would love this. I tagged both of them and followed both pages.;

Annsley Pavlik

I never sleep with a newborn so this would put me at so much ease!;

Maria Pohto

Would love to win!;

Great products! Love babies being happy and safe;

Sabrenah Stephens

Thank you for the consideration!;

This would be amazing to win!!;

Brittany Shipman

I have this in pink for my little girl!;

Kristine DeSmet

We had a scare the day after she was born where she stopped breathing for a couple minutes. A owlet would give us so much peace of mind.;

Maria Pohto

Would love to win this!;

Corina Vatthongxay

So excited;

Corina Vatthongxay

Hope I win!;

Maria Pohto

I’d love to have one of these for my baby!;


Carolyn Neil

My son has started sleeping longer stretches, which is great, except I still wake up to check his breathing. It would be wonderful to have a Smart sock to help me sleep more while he is sleeping more!;

Melanie Sanford

This is such an awesome giveaway! We are expecting our second boy in February and he will be sleeping in our room for a while, so this would be so perfect for us!;

Don’t know how I could live without this product!;

Love owlet!!!!;

Renee Rodarte Arnsdorff

My husband is currently serving in the Marine Corp and he is the only income we are living off of rent now. He does everything to support us which I love. I would love to help him out by hopefullying winning this amazing gift so he can focus on saving and buying other items we need for our baby girl. We are both in our early twenties so any help is truly appreciated.;

Love owlet! Would love to win!;

Devora Ebriani

Always wanted to try this!;

I love iit. I cant wait to try it with my new baby;

Vanessa Brown

Thank you for making a product that is high quality and eases parents minds!;

Can’t wait to one day have to use one of these!;

Katelyn Shorter

We are expecting our first and would LOVE to win an owlet and a breeze playyard! We miscarried our first baby back in June on the same day as my grandmother passing away. Our little girl is named after her. Evelyn Jane. We would absolutely love to win this since it’s already on our registry!;

Whitney Greneaux

Baby arriving January 2019. This would be wonderful to have!;

Victoria Ditallo

I would love to win this!;

Devanie Becker

Already have an owlet and love it;

I would love to own on for my newborn that will be here in a few months.;

I would like to win this item for my newborn.;

I hope I win this time!;

Alexandra (Lexi)

As baby’s due date is any day now, I get more and more nervous on how to take care of her. This Owlet sock would put my mind at such ease and the Playyard would just be awesome to have!;

Cassandra Walker

Fingers crossed would still love the peace of mind.