Safe Sleep Giveaway: Owlet x Halo'

Tosha Sanchez

This is so generous! We would love to win'

Tosha Sanchez

We would love to win !!

Hope we win!'

Cassandra Robbins

How cool would it be ?! I've heard amazing things about both of these products. Fingers … and the tears crossed I get a chance to try them with my next baby.'

Cassandra Robbins

I really love how the owl works and I've heard good things about the halo bassinet as well. Hope I get the chance to try them both! Fingers and toes crossed!

Kristin White

This giveaway is a dream !! I was always worried sleeping under my first baby. With the other one on my way, I'm eager to be as prepared and worried as possible. I've always dreamed of having an Owlet sock and the Halo Bassinet !! This would be seriously a dream come true!'

Ashley Loehr

My husband and I are very happy to be in this contest, we hope to win these prizes for our precious baby coming in April! We should always be full! Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
-The Loehrs'

Mariah Giles

I wish I had these with my first, probably the only one I wish I had … No, make it mistake again with my other!


My son-in-law is deployed and my daughters have their first baby soon, this would be great for her to have children, it's just perfect for her …

Mahalo ..'

Haleigh Wilcox

I have a high risk of a preemie. I would love this more than I can explain.'

Kati McClintock

This would help so much !!'

Vanessa Smith

I love the idea of ​​the owl screen! Thank you for giving so many parents peace of mind with this product.'

Jessica Pankratz

Love halo sleeping bags!'


Kim Cashion

Would love this for my new grandchild'

Nahiomi Tejeda

Would love to win this because my sister-in-law is waiting for her first boy in December!


Melanie Gallegos

I would love to win this for my boy, I had one for my little girl when she was an infant, but her dad got up one night and burned it so that it could not be used again: / I loved it so much so much lighter!'

Elise Price

I would like to win an Owlet smart sock and Halo bassinest! We already planned to buy both so win this giveaway would help so much! Good luck everybody! 🙂'

I am a two year old mom and we are expecting baby no 2 in June next year 🙂'

I've heard so many good things about Halo from my friends with new baby!'

Breanna Lucero

Fingers crossed! I would love owlet, I wish I could afford one, be full time stay at home mom my husband is the only one who works.

Would love to win. This is the only pool I want!'

Lydia Bennett-Carnes

I love it!

Mayra Revelo

Hope I can win it for my boy boy
Thank you owl to keep our children safe

Heather Irish

I would love to win!'

Lorenzo Aragon

We are so happy for our first baby. We think this will be a good product.'

Veronica Tejeda

I would love to win this for my baby, the first time mom here and can not wait to start this trip!


This would be great to have. Thank you for the admission chance.


I would love to win this for my next baby!'


I'm so glad I found the owlet and I hope you continue givingaways so maybe I can win one because I expect but budget density, I love product and purpose with the product. Even if I do not win, I save for the smart stocking'

Jenna Cassidy

This would be so amazing! Thanks for the chance !!'

Anita & Meara

I would love to win this for my sister who expects her first baby in February 2019'

It would be great to get one of these!'

Jessica Buck

Would love to try the products in this giveaway with my third!'

Natalia Ceja

My fiancé and I would love to receive one. Our sunshine was born prematurely and weighed only 5 pounds. I had to get an emergency section because he stifled the umbilical cord. He still has gagging episodes and we usually do not sleep because we are watching him. This would give us a little more peace. Thanks'

This would be such a blessing



Alison Mace

I would love to win! Expect my first in February.'

Stephanie Mlay Contreras

We have Owlet Smoked Sugar! We are so happy to use it on our sweet girl when she comes.'

So excited hope I hope !!'

Lyzette Paiz

I've always wanted this item, but I can never afford it, I hope I'll be blessed with this product one day!'

I guess it's good to share. Room for 6 months, but do not share a bed at all !!'

I read it was good to share a room up to 6 months. But against sharing a bad one ever !!!'

Tyler Hadl

My wife and I would absolutely love this for our child coming within a few months!'

Robert Payton

My girlfriend has lost two children, one child was a child born and the other child passed SIDS in 3 months. We now have 6 months old twin boys. My girlfriend and I often lose sleep at night worrying and check the boys to make sure they breathe and everything is alright. I am in retail management so I work 5 days a week and at least 10 hours a day and my girlfriend is a stay at home mom so the night is a bit stressful for us. If we could win a sock we would be able to afford a second but because we can afford two, it's only a bit overwhelming for an income.'

Alexis Davis

I would love to have owlet !!!'

Samantha Houseal

Would love to win. I think it's best for kids to sleep in the room with you'

Laura Anderson

I would love this one! I work in an ER and see loads of troubled parents coming in. I wonder how I've ever got through my first child's wind without one!



would love to win this !!!'

Teresa Nguyen

Would love to win this !!'

Barbara Mayes

what a wonderful gift it would be for my granddaughter because of a few short weeks! thank you for having such a nice giveaway.'

This would be ahhhmanzing !!! Good luck and God bless for all !!!'

Anna Yeskova

Hope I will win!'

Valentina Riches

Hope to win! Needs one for the upcoming baby'

Kira Oliver

One year to one and a half years!

Would love to win!'

Would love to win this to hopefully get better sleep at night !!'

Annie Dunn

Love the idea of ​​having children right next to me but surely giving the halo bassinet.'

Becky Johnson

I could not buy any of these items for baby number 1, but I want to make sure I have them all for baby number 2!'

Ashley Stokes

I'm grateful to my second child in February 2019, we've heard amazing things about your products and always wanted to try them! I hope we win!


Choose Me'


Fantastic products and great giveaway! Would love to win for my girlfriend'

Christ Hamberg

I would love to get this for our grandchildren who can come early due to complications !!!'

Naomi vieru

This is a great experience and amazing experience! Would love to win it for my girlfriend'

Thie Owlet is probably the best product on the market. We are getting twins and will buy one soon. Love it


Trying to win!'

Leah Ernst

Do not expect yet but hopefully soon!'

Deidre Simpson

Get ready for our new baby that will only be 14 months apart from our first child!'

Nyssa de la luz

This would be perfect for my girlfriend'

Would absolutely love this for our girlfriend because of 11/3 !!'

Jennifer Venegas

Would like to win for my little bundle soon. This would be so much aprreciated as I do not hate anything for my baby and can not buy it either.'

Nikki Weaver

Good sleep combination!


Maybe a year'

Good luck everybody! This is on my wish list for Baby No. 2 in April!'

Atleast 6monthes! This is a great giveaway!'

Joanne Kustenmacher

Would be wondering new little Stella!'

Paige Gronley

I would love love love to get this!'

Daniela Poveda

Your products are amazing and help me sleep better.

AAP recommends that children sleep in the same room with you for at least six months and preferably up to one year.'

Danielle Boal

I would like to add both of these to my room for my son coming within 5 short weeks'

Melissa Naclerio

Love the mint!'

Adriana Garcia

Super excited about these products makes me feel so much more able to protect my daughter in as many ways as possible.



Angela Segot

I would love to win this giveaway.'

Nicole Jacob

Would love to win giveaway so I can keep my little baby close!'

I hope I win this giveaway for a safe sleeping situation for my boy boy!'

liz zolondek

would love to win the Halo Bassinet'

Andrea Jimenez

It's good to know that, like mommy, we can have some peace of mind when we sleep, because we can be sure that our children will be safe and we can warn of something happening.'

Malynn Barnett

I know that the owl helps me sleep so much better without worrying all night and waking up for him to breathe! I have shown that I wanted to have one even before I got pregnant.'

Bailu lok

Thanks for the giveaway'

Bailu lok

Hope to win thanks for givingaway'

Jessica Pico

Thanks! For the opportunity!'

Jessica Pico


I'm so in love with halo cosleeper and owlet sock and would love one for my little one but at the moment with me setting up my first home it's not in my budget


I would love an owlet sock and cosleeper for my little one shelf is a bit of my budget but i'm so in love with them and would love my little one to have the best'

Nichole henderson

I would be beyond grateful if I could win any of these things. I read a lot about the owlet and how wonderful it has been for mothers who do not sleep because of being worried. It would give me the comfort I would need while my son was asleep.'

Lorena Monroy

Thank you for the opportunity to get a chance to win. Have been interested in trying the owl for a while.'

Sarah Stevicks

Would love to win. I would choose a pink owlet sock for my precious baby girl.


I'm excited to try this product!


Would love an owlet !!'

1 year'

Connie Adams

My big kids would love to have these products !!'

Jeannette Serrano

This would be a wonderful gift for my grandson. Who is 3 months old and still so small. This has been one of the greatest blessings and there is not a day for it I do not thank God for this precicous little angel. Then he took my second little angel and now she has wings ..

Alyssa LaPine

This would give so much peace of mind with our first little one on the road.'

Ashley Norton

Really want to win !!!!! This would help us with money so much !!!!!! And I love these products but can not afford them !!!!'

Matt Burns

Love owlet!'

Darci Pantner

The first time parents who have tried for 5 years would be a big blessing!'

Aimee Soncrant

Choose meeee !!! 🙂'

Mary Johns

I ended up contesting all the way, because for 29 years I've never won anything … But my daughter is in the highest risk category for SIDS so I would cry with relief and pleasure if I could win this for her. I would give almost anything to have an Owlet sock … So I could sleep without fear.'

Katlin Brooks

This would be a great thing to give peace of mind as a first time mom!


The first time mom from here in January and would love to win this for my newborn'

Dawn Houck

My daughter and grandson are waiting for twins for 3 weeks! They can safely use this product to sleep with peace of mind! We are at the owlet team!'

Cristal Fajardo

I'm excited about my anticipated love and I hope I can win'

Love this company!'

Dawn Houck

My daughter and grandson are waiting for twins for 3 weeks! They can safely use this product to sleep the children near their bed! We look seriously at Owlet sock's products for peace of mind. We would love to win for them!

Love this company!'

Maria Ines Alonso

Great products! Really useful for parents and safe for babies'

Kaitlyn Hendricks


David Sottini

I hope my wife and I will win. She wants these things so bad but unfortunately I can not afford it right now


I would love to win this for our girlfriend!'

Gaby Fuentes

Love the thought of this product!'

Hillary Lawson

These two baby tools are amazing! I can not wait to try them.'

So excited about this giveaway as a first time mom be !!!'

It would really help me to sleep at night!'

Hillary Lawson

These two systems are amazing and I can not wait to try them!'

Diana Baum

Love this


Brittany sottini

I hope I win'

Mayra Salazar


Crystal Cancelliere





1 year'

Kelsey Johnson

Would love to win!'

Alexandra Thompson

Really would love these products'

Teressa Perrone

Would love these amazing products!'

Teressa Perrone

Would love both of these products! Fantastic giveaway!'

Emma Smizik


Ana Rivera

I hope I win !!!'

Raveana Chavez

Love this!'

Love this product !!'

Elizabeth Cusie


I want to win'

Elizabeth Cusie

Planning to be a baby soon'

Our rainbow baby is on our way and we would love a halo sleep basin to keep my husband and I calm at night.'

Jillian McArdle

Hope to win!'

Amanda Matthews

I need this!'

Angela Arriaga

I need this!'

Amy Evans

Would love this!


Would love to win!'

Heather Johnson

I have always felt 6/9 months next to me before the crib was the best so I could supervise those sleeping.'

Heather Johnson

I have always felt more comfortable with 6/9 months next to me before a crib.'

Cassidy Thompson

Would love this'

Riley tetreau

Currently trying to get pregnant. And have a 2.5 year old who has slept in a Halo sleeping bag since she was an infant. Thank you for making me feel more comfortable when my baby is sleeping !!!'

Would love to win an owl!'

I would really love to win such a good project. Do not forget to vote for OLWLET!'

I would like to win'

Lauren Warner

Love owlet, just bought ours.'

Kelsey Hoopes

The first time we read about the Owlet store, we knew we needed to enter. With us both we work for public safety / service. We know the importance of safe sleep and supervision of your baby. We are easy to make this device available and look forward to using it.'

Cassandra Walker

Oh wow! Winning an owlet would be extremely useful for our safety! Having a little boy and I hope I can use an owl with him was always worried about my first child. I can not wait to enter !!