Family, cultural continuity between generations and power – all have been central to Salvatore Ferragamo. It is a silent power that separates the house, a power Paul Andrew and Guillaume Meilland explore for Autumn / Winter 2019 and count on the sigitgen as an antidote to their profound concern. Revelation comes in a kaleidoscopic view of identity and all its nuance: impossible to characterize in an attitude or gesture, refusing their men and women to easily define and instinctively embrace a community policy.

Tailor-made clothing represented by an outdoor sensitivity frame is the menu clothing proposal. Deerskin, corduroy and technical wool gabardine provide jackets and outerwear presence and gravitas. Designed forms and utilitarian trimmer are essential functions for both design and end use. The new costume is three-button, soft shoulder-shaped, lapel widened, in traditional British and Italian fabrics.

A new creative horizon at Ferragamo is starting to become the focus, with a renewed commitment to creating innovative products for a generation that sees luxury everywhere and nowhere, and for which integration and authenticity rise as angles of opportunity, hope.