Save water – And not because you pay for it!

save water and the environment
Image with permission: Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Okay, so my biggest pet must be that how easily we ignore our responsibility to contribute to society and the environment! Charity starts at home and it is the same rule for conserving natural resources. Let me talk about water today and I would be the last person to talk about electricity use so I would not.

Let's take an honest look around our house and calculate how much water we can recycle if we make a little conscious effort.

I conducted an experiment to prove my point. The idea was inspired by one of my neighbors but the idea remained with me. So in recent months I have made a conscious effort to collect the water we use to wash vegetables or during cooking and even the RO waste.

I started by using the non-RO water to water my plants but I stopped doing it because I ended up collecting all that water but did not have that many plants to water. So I decided to use the collected water in the bathrooms instead. And surprisingly, I did not have to use the flush at all.

Collect all the water you use to cook and the RO waste.

Yes, it is a job to carry bucket after bucket from kitchen to bathroom. And yes, this works better when the whole family is engaged in the task. But, collectively or not, you can easily witness how much water can be recycled. I actually went so far as to collect the water when I washed my hands. Yes, you would be surprised at how much water we waste by simply washing our hands.

Recycling of greywater is the hour.

People who live in detached houses have so much control over recycling the water. You can simply direct all the wastewater to fill the water table instead of letting it out. This also includes the water that is drained from washing machines and dishwashers, if you have any. Greywater recycling is a sustainable alternative to saving water without much effort.

I also think this would be a valuable learning experience for the kids. I'm not a parent yet. But I look forward to the time when I would teach and share all this with my children. Saving water, personal finances, gardening and caring for plants are some of my personal topics I would educate them on.

Have you made any efforts to save water? I would love to hear your methods and options on how to save water. Do you imprint the same thing in your children?

Until then, Swathy!